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 I figured it also could've been just me being dumb but I'll try again soon and let ya know  lol

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i cannot throw my pingpong ball it falls instead of throwing. i do like the style and aesthetic tho

I can't wait for this aaaaah i want peanut he so cute lol maybe i just liked shape of water too much...? nah but this awesome and great already. Can't wait to see what else it'll bestow to my mortal self. Even tho i found this now im excite

Really well made and the sprite animations are expressive i enjoyed it alot. Looked great and the story was really good! :) The idea of the cat  resembling a skull before  revealing it was a cat was fun lol and the game resembled obivously the manga very well! :)

This was so sad but incredibly adorable. I think it did wonderful. It looked aesthetically pleasing and it shows grief well. Very wonderful and nice game

I like the idea if i could play more. It seems in browser when i find a ghost it will freeze and i can't exit dialogue or continue BUT what i saw in the short time. I like the art in the scene screen it's really cool and really well detailed. The bio of her dad is good and a good mechanic to see the team and it's story. Still really cool idea

Fun little game. Just curious does the demon dogs make you crazier and you can't escape them or hide from them right? I liked the game, i love pixelated horror games in the first place. I liked how the (assuming they are) nurses and people turn more animalistic every time you go through.

This was really fun. I really enjoyed the unique gameplay using the soul to propel. It was fun and every stage was even more fun and challenging. Especially with the red things to give you another chance to use the soul another time to propel. Love the aesthetic and contrast using red.

Super cute game. The layout and design is great. The names are adorable fires and salad lol. Very pleasing aesthetic. Fun little game :)

I like how the grey enemies feet clutch before being flat on the ground lol. This was an incredible game and extremely detailed. The art and aesthetic flawless. The platforming and crawling through tunnels was fun. The adrenaline of trying to be seen and take over others. This game reminded me of 1991 Out of this world with the enemies guns and platform. All together i really liked this game and the main protagonist. She had alot of expression. The backstory was told well visually and was really dope. :) 10/10

Really cool game and the mechanic with the calling system is greatly helpful. It is intense and thrilling, fun to play. :)

I really liked this. The characters were well detailed and the tones the game had were well executed. The color scheme was aesthetic and i liked the contrast in it with blood. The dialogue of each character was unsettling and spoopy but greatly done for the "learning what happened to you" aspect. It was really good and i enjoyed it all. :)

This is such a cute game. Adventure time vibes lol. It's cute and interesting. I agree with another comment maybe a little longer but all in all it was really good.

I feel this is quite accurate to anyone who's gone to a movie with some spicy gay in it and you feel the same way towards the person you went with. Considering the game really well done, the dialogue was cute and enjoyable. The art and images was really good i adore pixel. 5/5

Even though i am english and can't read it, it's really well done. The mechanics are good so far. The art and style i adore. 

I really like this game. A few grammatical errors but it happens. The more endings i unlocked the more interested i was to know more and learn more. REally well done and the conversation done between each person is really well done aswell. 5/5

I think this game is really well thought out. The log set up is good, and the thoughts of the person is well conveyed and seem realistic to someone. I really wanna know the rest lol it was really good. i think i just wanted to almost see more images but possibly that wouldn't create the loneliness you wanted to create with darkness and limited vision. The images that were shown were very detailed and really well done. Over all i really enjoyed it. A good game always makes you want more and i definitley wanted more lol. I love the mystery and curiosity.

This game is an incredibly well conceived concept. The visual is impeccable and incredibly detailed. The story and dialogue is really well executed and the atmosphere is wonderfully engulfing. I have like not a phobia but an uncomfortable fear of the ocean and this is great. The mystery and uncertain experience (or creatures) or what was to expect was well done. :)

This was hella scary. Like i always got creeped out at night at the ideas of things slipping in when something isn't closed. I used to have nightmares something would be running at my bedroom door and i try to close it but it wont latch. So this intensified my fear lmao it was incredibly well done, atmospheric and scary. Really well done. 

Before i even saw youtubers play this i was on here looking for a game to play while bored at work. Without expecting anything or even reading description i extremely enjoyed this game. It was interesting, a good twist, the pixel art was very detailed and incredible. Nothing really even critical to say i really adore this.

This game was really good i didn't know till i played it, that it was adapted from a movie. I just really love Airdorf and adore their games and game style. It's extremely charming and i like to follow the games and them on twitter as well. Great game keep up the fantastic work

I really enjoyed this game espically the dark sequence when you see something move. Really well done i adore pixel games its charming. I wish it was longer to but when you have a really good game it is to be expected.