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he is talking about 3.5

Texture packs and modding are being developed already, just not by anuke.

have you tried using the normal linux 64

he didnt make the islands map

about the impact reactor i think it hsould stay it adds a sense of pro con decision making as it takes up space uses lots of resources and hard to start up so it requires time which is time away from defenses. i like it it adds a good element

lets say your using the delta ship if you want to return to the normal ship go back into the delta ship pad. Works for all ships and mechs

unfortunatley that is impossible and anuke has yet to release v4 on the app store

your english was pretty much perfect

if your on android it should be in .android/obb

Only new songs

you want to goto appdata and then copy the mindustry folder put it onto a usb when you re install mindustry delete the folder there and return the original which is on the usb

try the android version