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Thanks for your reply. Just a couple of days ago I got feedback from Sarah that the behavior is actually intended. But I still don't know as well if it might happen again during the game.

This looks pretty awesome, I want to play this!

No one? I am definitely not complaining about this wonderful game, I would just like to know if the fact that I lost all potions when getting arrested was done by design. Thank you.

I have got question if this behavior is correct (I am using cart version 1.0.6): After Briley got captured by Lindara in the loft (after she got the purple dress by Lia) I have recognized that in the inventory she had lost ALL the potions (mint tea / all healing potions) but she still has the plain ingredients.
Is that a bug or intended? Because I spend a lot of time to farm ingredients every day and to prepare potions...because of this issue I am now stuck later in the game because I simply run out of potions (the ones I was able to create with the remaining ingredients) and mana points to heal myself when having to fight a lot in the dark forest (I don't want to spoiler any further story details).

Thanks @Giovi for your advice. As I know in the meantime it was my bad: the emulator changed a few settings back to the defaults after I have chosen the new crt file. I am using JiffyDos and e.g. "True Drive Emulation" was set to false then as well as some control settings. Once I had set them again correctly also the emulator setup was working again.

Sorry for the noise, it's working like a charm on the Ultimate 64 so it must be something emulator specific.

I have an issue with the feature "continue" in the very beginning. I've started playing with 1.0.3 and I am able to choose "continue" a game and afterwards I can go down to "drive 8".
Today I wanted to "migrate" to the latest version 1.0.6. What I see is that from 1.0.4 on-wards when I try to choose "drive 8" the game returns to the title screen so that I have no chance to continue playing from a save that is located on disk.
I am using the C64.emu emulator on a Open Pandora handheld, and I will try other options that I have today (e.g. Ultimate 64).

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I just had to buy this game as soon as it came out.

And I will definitely buy a physical release as well if there will be any :-)

Same for me :-)

This is going to be awesome, really looking forward to playing this!

I just love the game and the atmosphere.

I bought the physical version for my C64 at and I look forward playing any successor titles :-) So please support Stefan so he can do more such awesome games in the future.

@Stefan: Just one thing plz. Isn't it possible to override savegames? When using an existing savegame filename it will cause an error message.