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tried downloading and opening tilemancer had it crash on launch.. is there a reason this may happen?

Yeah the poor, poor bench.. I may expand on it in the future, what did you have in mind? Thanks for the feedback!

Haha thanks! That was the goal! I may expand on it in the future.. Thanks for the feedback!

Enjoyed the game! Congrats!

Enjoyed the game! Congrats!

Haha thanks! The people sitting on the bench have no clue how creepy the bench is lol. Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! 

Wow, this could be expanded into so many different directions! Good job!

No problem!

I liked it! Though if you run off screen you fly back on sideways haha.

Pretty fun and enjoyable game! Would be cool if you ended up adding more enemy types the farther you got into the game! Good job!

My final thought at the end.. "Why did I hop into the abyss that is the cellar?" 

All in all was a fun little adventure

Maybe when the camera changes freeze player control until they letgo and repress a key.. I found myself looping around at times during scene changes.. Id enter one area and since i was holding the move button would spit me right back out.

Very enjoyable game lol.

Fun game! 

Why post this game as a gamejam submission?

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Thanks for the well thought out review man! I will hopefully have some more coming does get hard with current responsibilities etc..

There is more to the game actually! If you continue with the letter reading..(There is an arrow on the bottom right corner of the letter) Thanks for the feedback!

Hey! Thanks for playing the game! I appreciate you playing it!

No Problem! Thanks for playing! You can try out the tutorial for more about how to play and how to stop yourself from being attacked! (It's fairly quick I promise)