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A member registered Dec 11, 2016

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Unstable on windows. Can't see the edge of a map without extreme lag. No menu. Mouse is always visible. Sticks just sit there after their own "fire" has gone out. No jump button while you're holding sticks.

Would be cool if I could build stuff to allow me to cut down trees.

Right now, the only thing to do is to move around and pick up things to bring them back to a central location for no purpose to the player.

Great game! Some of the best AI I've seen!

Here is a list of things I would add.

1. Weapon attachments

2. Friendly AI. It's almost as if i'm not with my team, the first encounter, the enemy gets +40 points with 1 flag but our side gets 6 with 2 flags. Kinda forces you to play with your team.

3. More secondary weapons. The pistol and pistol with silencer are kinda boring.

4. Make the health + ammo dumps respawn in your inventory. Kinda makes unlimited playtime impossible especially since you only get one.

5. More diverse primary weapons. There are 2 single shots, 1 sniper, 1 shotgun, and 1 fully automatic. Kinda seems dull after a while.

I know the game is still in beta, but these are some suggestions.