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I really like the style and design of this game. The motion sensor's sound design and feel is really cool too, and I enjoyed playing this game. Gave me a few jumps! I really like the style of radars/motion sensing games, as seen in my most recent game.

I wouldn't call it a fnaf game because I tried to keep it as far away as possible from many fnaf concepts, and the starting idea was not based on fnaf. Thanks for playing!

Here is some gameplay of Hard mode I made:

For how simple and low effort the game is, it's still pretty fun and has an art style that is nice to look at! Go Gdevelop!


I would like to disagree just a bit. I feel like the sound cue  of the rising sound adds more tension for some people and in turn creates more panic. But I do understand your point of how some people can take advantage of the cue. The cue is there for tension. Thx for commenting! I appreciate it!

No worries, I added a tutorial to maybe clear some things up in-game.

thanks for playing :)

Very fun an unique concept!

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Can you tell me what bugs you have encountered? Also, the instructions are displayed in the game description under "IMPORTANT"


milk will make it bette