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This is a really interesting concept, I'm super excited to see what you do with this!! 

I know this is supposed to be a porn game or whatever but I stg I spent like 4 hours straight just customizing outfits lmao

I'm literally an idiot, I tried extracting it again to get the error message to pop up and it worked this time, for some reason? So everything's fine! Thank you so much for your quick reply!! 

Does this game come with a steam key? I keep looking for it but I can't find it :( I prefer buying games on because I hate giving Valve money, but for some reason it won't extract the exe file D: Otherwise I think I'll just buy the game again on Steam! 

why are you bald


I love this idea a lot! It wasn't so much creepy as much as interesting in general, but it still scared me because I am a coward.

The art and story are very cute, but as someone who's watched a lot of precure, I was very bored by the story. I found myself struggling to read dialogue because I figured it'd be predictable either way. I really liked the designs and the main character was really likable! I'm not sure why I thought it'd be any different from the generic magical girl animes out there right now, it wasn't advertised that way at all, so I don't really have any right to be disappointed. Anyways, as a fan of more grimdark stuff, I wouldn't recommend this, but it's obvious a lot of work went into the final product and I really respect that! <3 I hope this project does well so we can see more mahou shoujo vns in the future! :D

not to be dramatic but i can and will die for cove