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this bug only happens to a few people. I apologize for this, I have just made an update that should fix this problem

the ending of the game was very much inspired by the monster house movie game on ps2. The idea of the house design was to look more human with 2 eyes and a mouth, but I confess that it looked a lot like the monster house in some aspects.

The game has no shadow system or dynamic lighting, some textures are darkened, the flashlight and some lights just make the vertices lighter.

the game also has downgraded audio to quality of that time, vertex inacurracy, textures downgrade and thousands of other functions to emulate the ps1.

it is kind of hard to accept a criticism from someone who didn't even play the game. i make horror games. if other studios focused on another style than horror don't use this aesthetic, i don't think it is the fault of the horror game developer community. and maybe steam

My focus right now is on new games, but I believe that in the future I will bring some games already released for mobile.

This lighting problem in Westgrove has already been solved. in Jimmys Halloween there is the possibility to escape to the basement, this will take you to an alternative ending.

this is the first time I have heard about this, unfortunately I can't tell you specifically where the problem is, I recommend you download the game again and extract the complete folder and try again

I'm glad you like my games, I like to update them because I know some people might play some recent game and come try my other games.

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there is a puzzle to unlock the door but i think it was too difficult, i will fix this in an update, thanks for the feedback

filming through the keyhole is just one more function, there is a puzzle to unlock the door but I believe it was not very intuitive to understand, I will fix it in an update

probably yes

for now there is only one ending

thanks for playing, there is only one ending at the moment, just a short story but maybe i will continue it in the next games.

thank you very much for playing my game and for your feedback, i will fix all the bugs found.