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sprig plantar

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yessss i am a kid so this should be good btw im 9

i cant play noooooooooooooooooo

i always fail

Im gonna save this in my files hahaha

i cant take damage

or it could be alt f4 to exit the gam

i kinda like it all though its bad but i ike it

the music is pretty dopeeee

classsic suicidehog

this is kind of bad other than the music

how do i launch the game?

no u cant

or can you?

you cannot win the game.

they cant it will be too silly

i can fly but only mining!

Like ER milburn 02 said: Hello bug

got stuck in a cave wall oh no!

glitch in to cave hack

cant play

i cant download it!

First time playing!

You can’t only on pc or mac

I know first when I saw it I thought it was a glitch but I learned that it wasnt

Go to the itch app and search floppy Minecraft and hit the download button!

I think it does work  when your not in invincible mode.

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I’m on a road trip



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fell out of world again but not on purpose.

well you are supposed to go to the app itch and search floppy minecraft and download it. you are welcome!

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i fell out of the world on start on pupose

hey i know you!

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one time i tried to download things but it never worked because of windows but i figured it out. i had to install the game on

i dont have antivirus.

unfinished base. didnt even build the 4th corner. sad.😪

i already figured out on how to exit. first i pressed f1. second i did your method.

you have to go to the itch app and then search floppy mnecraft and then download it and there you go!