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Hello. I played your game way back at last PAX East and loved it. I just recently found the beta and did a full 100 percent. Great game. One thing I've found is that upon completing 100 percent of the rotation challenge levels, the circle for it on the bottom didn't fill. The other three (standing still, distance, and mirror) filled in correctly upon completion but that one didn't. Also, in level 4-12, making the circles expand by moving around them feels a bit iffy if you are very close to their centers. It works really well when you are at a fairly large radius, but for the challenge that involves traveling only a certain distance that makes this level much more difficult.

I have also encountered a crash and an occasional inability to click things on the menu, but I didn't pay too much attention to what was going on when it happened. However, here's my error file if anything in there is useful.