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That's a great video! It was interesting to see the perspective of someone who didn't grow up with the Speccy. I didn't realise the snapshot had stopped at the basic prompt, how embarrassing... I've fixed that now. 

It is turn based. There's a little indicator in the bottom right of the screen that rotates to show the machine is "thinking". The main loop waits on a key input before progressing. This should be handled by the pause 0 at line 530.  Mashing the keys probably wouldn't result in a good experience.

For me the issue is with the amount of entities that can be on a level and the amount of time it takes to process their moves. With a packed level it can be between 20 to 30 seconds between turns.

Yeah, that's really odd. Although the .bas file when raw from github works fine for me... github and BASin not getting along for some reason? Anyway, https://raw.githubusercontent.... seems to work.

As for the snapshot, I have no idea what's occurring there. I just saved the .z80 from BASin and it seems fine here. Unless github is breaking binary files now too :/ 

Here's a .sna directly from Fuse.

Well, it's too slow. Even ignoring all the initialisation and level builds the time between turns is best measured in eons. I'm sure there's a couple of optimisations I could do but nothing that's going to make this playable within the rules and time frame of the Jam.  If anyone is interested I've put the code on github, only as a warning for what not to do :)

 Curiosity is fine, just as long as expectations are low ;)

I've been waaaaay too ambitious :/ I'm working on a angband-esque rogue like, which despite being glacially slow to play I'm finding quite entertaining to test. Map generation, player code and items/entity code are all in the bag. I'm just about to start work on the combat system and then its just a case of a win condition and I'm done.  Hopefully I'll manage to finish before the deadline.