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Awesome! And depressing...this game caught me with so many feelings

I fell asleep. 

Biggest issue was the monster spawn directly in front of me during a chase scene with limited continues, but I enjoyed the experience overall :)

I loved the gameplay element! It was scary until you see the funny faces of the guys hunting you down lol

Interesting demo :) I hope you go more into the 'is this real?' aspect of it in the full release, thats my fav

Creepy atmosphere! Lookin forward to when it's in English so i can understand it XD

Fun game, congrats on the award :) many days are there? I wasn't expecting it to be so long to play

Awesome game.  A little confused as far as the story is concerned, but gameplay was divine

Interesting approach, felt a little unfocused. The story said it was about identity, race, and nationality, yet in my 45 minute playthrough it touched more on the Inception/To The Moon idea of jumping into dreams/consciousness..

Perhaps further in the game it continues to dive into these topics?

Figured I would play this after playing Urbex :3

Guess i gotta play Midnigh Shift now to get whats goin on....

Interesting experience..not sure if I got the full story you were trying to tell however

A little buggy but I like what you're doing with it

Ohhhh thats right. I was more hoping for a dodge button because the targeting wasn't helping when the mushroom men attacked at the same time 0.o

Not sure of a clean solution to that but thanks for the response :)

Interesting game...I got a lot of LoZ:BotW vibes. And the boss was too hard for me D:

This was a truly weird experience. I like weird things

I frgigin loved this short pixel game! literally applauded at the twist ending ^_^

This game gave me the fuzzies inside, just thought you should know :)

Incredible experience. Bummer that it is an instant copyright strike but you're ability to wield melancholic feelings was masterful

Great demo! Ran into a few bugs, but overall a good experience. Looking forward to the full release :D

Gave it a go! my major issue was I needed more explanation of gameplay elements (didn't understand upgrade system in the slightest, powerups, or the generator)

Other than that it's a good start and I had fun :)

It didn't show up in my inventory! 

I loved playing this game. The 80's aesthetic(that how you spell it??) was simply surreal and I had nothing but nostalgia about my earlier internet-ing. 

I may have found a bug though, I credit card-ed all of the sunglasses but didn't get one at the end. 

Thanks for the game :) It gave me a joyous spirit on this day, today, of December, which happens to be Christmas. I think

although I did break the game..

Awesome little story about personal growth and friendship :)

PLZ KEEP WORKING ON IT!!! I had such a blast and so much nostalgia in this game!

I know I missed a lot, but it was a unique and calming experience

My take :) I loved the humor and art style of the game...but the last boss was IMPOSSIBLE! 







just like Dark Souls

Uh..doughnuts aren't healthy.....Awesome game doe

Loved the demo! It gave me exactly the feel that a scary game does of...I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE LETMEOUT

sorry for hiding my fear in comedy..

I loved some of the puzzles you guys thought up! Sorry for the mic levels, they were janky this vid :/

Awesome game. I loved the humor and your respects paid to 2001. Highly recommend playing with a controller

I thought it was a short proved me wrong! So much gameplay! Don't get mad I didn't beat it....

Didn't realize what I was getting myself into originally, but after playing I want to tell you it was a beautiful experience. Looking forward how you grow the game!

I disagree with the camera choice, but I did enjoy the demo :) great atmosphere and sense of humor, you have

Just using the cool Windows 7 Ultimate :) Funny as it looked good to me!

Good game! I have to say once the pink swordy ninjas join the fight it gets too hard for me :/

Interesting idea...I had fun trying to beat my score, hopefully you continue to build it and add gameplay elements. Also, the fact that the pigs name is Pauly in no way contributed to me using a New York mobster accent......................................................

Fun game! I got lazy by not restocking due my click laziness and 'lost' :((((((((((((((((((((