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Uh..doughnuts aren't healthy.....Awesome game doe

Loved the demo! It gave me exactly the feel that a scary game does of...I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE LETMEOUT

sorry for hiding my fear in comedy..

I loved some of the puzzles you guys thought up! Sorry for the mic levels, they were janky this vid :/

Awesome game. I loved the humor and your respects paid to 2001. Highly recommend playing with a controller

I thought it was a short demo...you proved me wrong! So much gameplay! Don't get mad I didn't beat it....

Didn't realize what I was getting myself into originally, but after playing I want to tell you it was a beautiful experience. Looking forward how you grow the game!

I disagree with the camera choice, but I did enjoy the demo :) great atmosphere and sense of humor, you have

Just using the cool Windows 7 Ultimate :) Funny as it looked good to me!

Good game! I have to say once the pink swordy ninjas join the fight it gets too hard for me :/

Interesting idea...I had fun trying to beat my score, hopefully you continue to build it and add gameplay elements. Also, the fact that the pigs name is Pauly in no way contributed to me using a New York mobster accent......................................................

Fun game! I got lazy by not restocking due my click laziness and 'lost' :((((((((((((((((((((

Replied to Rotorist in Stuck!

Aww ok. I think a pacifist route would do well(for me), especially after you humanized the legionnares and made Sidorovich sound like a bad guy!

Created a new topic Stuck!

Wasn't sure where to go after I find the 'gang'  

Still fun though :D

Created a new topic My take

Just my experience playing the game :)

Created a new topic Cynical 8 you say?

Such an interesting story. Who is the weird white haired lady? Will Beck ever forgive us? Why is Muscly dude so nice to us? Will the new girl ever be Bae? Why does she know about tentacle porn? Find out next time...in Cynical 8!

Which is...uh...when?

Just me

Just my silly thoughts :)

This game is an amazing 'trip'

HILARIOUS! I had to play both parts it was so fun

I can't HANDle  this game XD

I had fun with it, looking forward to seeing what you do with it :)

Well done! I had too much fun singing the twilight zone theme while doing this 

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Great Demo, can't wait for the full game :3

To anyone reading this, I already made the 'bright future' the devs are gonna have on Twitter......

So peaceful :)

Created a new topic A Game Too Hard?

Dunno, I just found it too difficult to beat. I got up to hitting the 'monster' once with a lazer. Tips?

Created a new topic Tips To a Better Score?

Any tips or tricks I might be missing? I got up to 12,300 :)

Great game! Some bugs throughout, but it was nice helping people out and doing good things in a game :3

It was too hard for me lol

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Awesome game. Are you thinking of continuing on with this title or is a one-off?

Created a new topic A must see/must play game

The game  is a unique experience and in my humble opinion, a masterpiece.  It begins colorful and joyous, and as the world and the game progresses, disease, depression, and famine sets in around you and the world. I do have a few questions:

Where did my dang chickens go about half way through??

Does praying do anything more than offer a place of peace to myself(Tikvah)?

What were eggs for?

See my playthrough below

I really enjoyed this game, well done :)

This game was SO MUCH FUN. I accidentally the whole game 

I pet the puppers 

Gave ur game a go :) I didn't beat it but I had fun playing it

I liked this game :) Multiple endings, yea?

A doll monster XD I had fun, looking forward to seeing what you do with this game!

This game was deep...I wasn't expecting sadness 0.o