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HILARIOUS! I had to play both parts it was so fun

I can't HANDle  this game XD

I had fun with it, looking forward to seeing what you do with it :)

Well done! I had too much fun singing the twilight zone theme while doing this 

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Great Demo, can't wait for the full game :3

To anyone reading this, I already made the 'bright future' the devs are gonna have on Twitter......

So peaceful :)

Created a new topic A Game Too Hard?

Dunno, I just found it too difficult to beat. I got up to hitting the 'monster' once with a lazer. Tips?

Created a new topic Tips To a Better Score?

Any tips or tricks I might be missing? I got up to 12,300 :)

Great game! Some bugs throughout, but it was nice helping people out and doing good things in a game :3

It was too hard for me lol

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Awesome game. Are you thinking of continuing on with this title or is a one-off?

Created a new topic A must see/must play game

The game  is a unique experience and in my humble opinion, a masterpiece.  It begins colorful and joyous, and as the world and the game progresses, disease, depression, and famine sets in around you and the world. I do have a few questions:

Where did my dang chickens go about half way through??

Does praying do anything more than offer a place of peace to myself(Tikvah)?

What were eggs for?

See my playthrough below

I really enjoyed this game, well done :)

This game was SO MUCH FUN. I accidentally the whole game 

I pet the puppers 

Gave ur game a go :) I didn't beat it but I had fun playing it

I liked this game :) Multiple endings, yea?

A doll monster XD I had fun, looking forward to seeing what you do with this game!

This game was deep...I wasn't expecting sadness 0.o