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I loved the game, the art style, and the game mechanics. I came to check the game out and was amazed that the game was free. I can't thank you enough for releasing the game with a free version, its gives people like me who don't have money to check games out and the experience was amazing. I promise one day I will release my own games on itch and earn some money, and when that happens I will pay you back double! Again, thank you for making this game free for everyone!!

ok no problem I will check it out now :D

Making a game in half a day XD

its still a great game and your file did get corrupted :P

Thx, I acually made the game in 2 days cause I  was late for the game jam XD

Great Game, the blue (friendly knights) are a bit bugged when you push them but overall great game :D

Thx :D

Pls write ur comments and idea here