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Thank you!!!

I love it!

Hey thanks, I had to fiddle around a bit - but this was a total lifesaver!

Oh hey, cute game! Spooky mansion games unite!

Woah, well done! It's not easy, especially with all the distracting spookiness going on.

Ha ha it's so good! Music is real fun too.

Aw thanks so much - I’m always glad when players manage to escape!

I wasn't smart enough to solve this mystery correctly but I had a really swell time sniffing around the place and talking to the other characters. Super-good atmosphere, lovely murder mystery writing. Very entertaining!

Thanks a squillion.

I'm loving this! Super stylish and lovely. Happy to help with a GM mac build for if you ever need one.

I love this.

Wow I love this!

Thanks so much for playing! Very impressed that you managed to escape the spooky house! 🕸👻🐈‍⬛🐀🔦🏚

Hey cool! Nice idea.

That is an excellent idea about the torch!

Thank you for playing - and congratulations on your escape!

Great music! Great explosions! Just difficult enough to be real fun!

This is excellent! 

This is terrific! A+ atmosphere!

wow this is cute. looking forward to playing with a friend!

this is great!


This looks so cute! Mac version plz!

i love this! so good!

Thank you! That was great.

No Pico-8 cart because I am too ashamed of my shonky coding!

Shit yeah, this is great!

(Ps. I'm a big fan of your games! Thanks for playing!)

Ah, well done! You have mastered the secrets of the spooky house. There is a final key and it's a little tricky to find so I might change it.  It's behind where one of the diamonds is found. Dont want to give too much away here but it's in the west wing on the ground floor!

Thanks, and well done! You'll be rich when you get back home!

No that's the one! I'm sure you'll find your way out of the woods now!

Well done!! I tried to emphasize in the reame.txt file how cold and lost you were when you stumble across the spooky house. So they're just to make you feel good and ready for the outside world! Also you have a torch I guess?

Thank you! I'm a big fan of Feed The Ducks. X

Thank you! Yes, there are three diamonds. They're not too tricky to find. Let me know if you need any hints!