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Hello! I decided to go back and see if there's anything after the demo last boss and there's no button to leave. Luckily I saved first but yeah clicked all over and I'm just trapped there forever.  At least there's some butts to look at.

It's a really nice game for only having 72 hours it feels like something with a lot more polish so kudos! I look forward to the squeakel.



Cute game it was very easy to navigate and would be a great from someone getting into puzzle games. I really liked how self aware it was. I think the ending was a bit hmmm unless there's another ending as well that I missed? It's cute but kind of wish there was a little more to it. Still really good for a short game.

I really loved this game. When I saw footage I thought it would be very one note but you added so much to do with your character! Really fun and worth a play so thank you for this unique experience. 

This 2-player LARP is about kissing and being queer and resisting fascism.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm