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wow thank you so much for the kind word and for playing my lil game : )

gross! I loved it!!

hehe cute.. . i got all the boba ballz

this is really something special. the passage of time + color palettes, inventory system, and there's something here about labor, repetition, dedication, focus.... . pretty great for a first or ANY Bitsy game really. love it!

love the scene set-up! buff avatar lol

my knife mother..  .. so proud.. . .  . this is hilarious and also horrifying, cheers

how pretty~

lmao...  ... . i got here from this post referring how you used nested shuffle sequences to generate random names, very cool & charming

wow this one's tricky, gonna have to come back and try to finish it later!

the colors & dialog, soft & enigmatic.... . what a nice style

very cool, digging the seasonal levels & color palettes

delightful atmosphere, very soothing, love the patterns of leaves & branches

thanks! yeah totally, we had some time to kill & the arcade was right there... !

awww : ' )

well this is the CUTEST little thing!!! i love the designs?? and the color palettes, and also wow what a twist i'm gobsmacked

dang... . . that's a heavy & relateable one. the passage of time as an exit is creative, very cool