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These are great. Thanks.

I'm in love with this set; I made a huge amount of derivatives of the heroes :)

This looks really great. Thanks!

But can you buy a duck? :3

Sooo it's a bunny now? :)

Great update.

This style is great.

Is he ok?

Great update on this pack.

Imagine the cursor hands slapping each other away on local multiplayer :D

Nice game. Those beats :3

Bridge Lady's little sister :3

I died :(

This looks great; the kind of thing to play late at night.

I still don't know how to work itch lol.

This is sorcery!

I legit bought this and never downloaded it lmao!

This is phenomenal thanks so much!

I don't know lol! I got to the 4th wave then once I read how to actually control the game I got to the 5th wave lol.

Great game! I died tho :/

What in the Conway Twitty!? This looks great! 

This is really good!

Just a heads-up: I forgot to rate it. I'll go rate it.

Good looking game.

I bought these from another site and they are amazing!

Asset layers you monster!

It's a little known fact, that the more you have to explain a joke, the funnier it is :D

Is this about a super escape from a grotto or an escape from a super grotto?

Great game. I love roguelikes. The animation and effects were very fresh. I would have loved an option to pass the turn however.

Great job; I loved this.

Because of this pack, I looked through the rest of your art, and it is amazing. Thanks for being so generous.

I did. Great game!

This is adorable and I'll download it as soon as I get home

great pack

Your colors and animations are excellent!

This is nice I appreciate this.