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Looks great.

Good colors and variety; this is a good pack thank you.

What kind of "not virus" is this? Is this the kind that's actually a virus? :)

The preview is a dead link.

This font is perfect!

I walk up stairs with my fists out too :)

Thanks for the free update i will gladly hand over another 15 for it when I get home :)

Punchy frog; nice.


State machines are a great way to program; I use them for almost everything; I actually define the states inside a struct.

Thanks! I actually have a lot more than is shown here, but I am currently working on a short roguelike at the moment so I don't have time to sort everything out.

There is not enough representation for CRPGs and traditional roguelikes. People are going to have a lot of positive things to say :)

Lol a reverse mermaid.

Yea; I just realized that there was no actual comment in my post; to clarify: this is great art!

The dithering reminds me so much of old school Macintosh art. We just had to pretend there were colors and the pixel art was great.

I'm a fan of this type of art and you have done a wonderful job.

I released the plant :3 Yes, I did it on purpose :D

I don't know how I missed this; the swirling fish are a nice touch and I really like the birch trees.

Playing the demo I died 14 times trying to find the key to open the door to the final boss :\

I keep reading cookhouse as "corkhouse".

JormunGoose :3




I died :3

This right here is meta.

I was just checking art out on my hard drive the other day :) Thanks for the update!

These are really good assets.

This is what us sickos want :3


Hello; I purchased this product and the download link was external and went to iCloud. Upon signing in and attempting to download it, I was presented with this message. 

Is that a broken bottle? :D

Gross and cool!


Just a suggestion: you could make containers for these; like crates and boxes and stuff.

There seems to be one now; must have been a glitch.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no purchase link.

I'm obsessed with formatting and slicing up your art.

Fun fact: toucans eat more baby birds than they do fruit :3

I too am obsessed with flowers in farming games; this is a wonderful idea.