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So, I've encountered a few things that could be fixed or polished within my first hour of gameplay, 

1. when entering the lizards shop inside the castle, no one or nothing tells you backspace is to leave shop (correct me if I'm wrong, but I never saw anything) 

2. when king Stitches strangled the lizard minion, in the next frame, Stitches  wasn't there, but reappeared in the frame after, I summed this up to him possibly meaning to be in a different stance, but it didn't load? 

and lastly, when the encounters happen, you're able to interact and fight the enemy before the "ENCOUNTER!" text goes away, which, I think should be fixed so you can't do anything until the text is gone, left me a lot of the time accidentally using a potion while walking left, and touching an enemy.

 hope this review helps out development a bit