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My first thought without reading description: A game about two lesbians getting drunk and crashing cars and then blaming strait white dudes 

Even though I have never played your game ( I have the intentions to ) Id say that even though both game styles look alike, both are still completely different and have their own personalities and creativity. Being a fan of danganronpa and other mystery puzzle games myself, id like to state that a lot of different games like this have had similar styles. Even though this game or any other game has a slight similarity of those that have popularity, does not mean its a cheap rip off of the favored. Ill make sure to watch ( if it exists ) the game walkthrough or playthrough. Have a nice day and remember, Danganronpa was originally way better in its beta then it is now and that's kind of sad. 

- SpoiledCheese 

Lovely game indeed

I couldnt get unto the game :(