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The soft-lock issue that happened in some cases with sprinting should now be fixed.

As for functionality for backing out, a real cowboy don't back out from a fight. ;-)

The latest update lets you now cycle the actions with up and down buttons. Thanks for the suggestion.

The itch client is able to download any web game on itch if you want to be able to play it offline.

Once you get the hang of what is going on and how orders work you get sucked in to the game's theme.

Fun game! Reminds me of battles in North & South game.

Played through the web version and I liked it a lot.

The game starts out easy enough and ramps up nicely, with different enemy types. I find it clear what the power-ups do from the description and interesting that they're marked in the ammo bar for when they do activate. However it seems like some markers don't stack in the ammo bar, i.e. they disappear once other markers are in, if that's a bug I don't know but the power-ups still activate.

Would be nice with a better victory screen. ;-)

Graphics are simple yet effective and expressive. Quite juicy. Music is a bit simple and currently a bit too loud, some sound effects are hard to hear at times.

Short but really sweet! Again I liked this a lot.

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Very interesting take on a diagetic main menu. I felt a bit smart to try and tune in to the noise and see what happened (instead of starting a "dream" with the tuned in channel). 

Unfortunately the music was unbearable, a bit sad that you couldn't turn off the music separately from the sfx. But other than that, it has a nice retro early 80's aesthetics.

Simple dual color-filling game design yet surprisingly deep in strategy to not lose health.

Would be nice if the game kept track of your streak (with cartdata).

Nice pixel art and audio design. Got some Gungeon-vibes but with more towards horror.

Looks nice on the screenshots but Mac version doesn't appear to start. Running macOS Monterey (12.1) if that is of any help.

Thanks for the playthrough video.

Always fun to see what trips up new players with the game, which is usually has been what ROAR and GRAB/CHOMP does. It seems like everyone figures it out as you did. :-)

Just want to let you all know that I'm working on a PICO-8 Demake of Jack and Casie.

Uploaded quick fix for Casie's attack animation that I missed (it rendered the sprite together with the new logo from the intro screen)... Oops. :^)

Just want to let you all know that I'm working on a PICO-8 Demake of Jack and Casie.

Loving the game concept, not loving that it constantly runs on 100% CPU/GPU utilisation and dropping frames. I'd love to see you take the idea further but preferably with some performance fixes. ;-)

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Yes, that was a bug. Fixed it and updated. Thanks for pointing it out. :-)

Did you forget to attach your image? I can't see it.

At the moment there are only randomly generated levels at the moment, so after that it is a final game over with a victory screen. I'm guessing it bugged out?

Got obsessed with this game, so I made a shameless PICO-8 clone of it with some flavour of my own.

It keeps the overwatch and also adds a feature of letting the squaddies form a line, which speeds up the game a little bit. It is a playable demo as in a Work In Progress with some more features I want to add in it (hopefully without running out of tokens in PICO-8).