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All I want for Christmas is, Asset Forge 2.0.

Sure, it's the 1.3 Beta version. I had some success limiting the CPU that Assetforge can use to 85% but this affects the performance of camera movement.

I am using the software on my laptop and it uses 100% of a single cpu when idle. Even with zero blocks added to the scene, the laptop will heat up and turn it's fan into overdrive.

As a comparison:
Blender uses 3-15% of a single CPU while idle.
The Godot engine uses 15% idle CPU and 85% cpu when moving the camera.

Why would Assetforge need to use this much CPU? Can you disable redrawing of the screen when there is no user input?

I hope this can be implemented in the new version. 

Yes, I have noticed this, it can be annoying.