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AWESOME biggest thanks to the creator...should be done with all after 130 game days and 3 days of totally fun time.....i find only few grammar fails the system its easy to undestand the story is really good and very good boring and with a lot of pretty girls...really a masterpiece work congraz...hope can i support u netx time on patron wanna see really how this got finish....(the christmas event....u re a fucking genius man....)

if u do all right...and u get all beginn of the punishment right up u can chose who will do the punishment..dont remember if with debby work cuz is her weakness to be punished from a girl....

ty man  :)

download only with mega??no thanks...

alto this of obligatory lost the first run for buy the new weapon was a great beginn i was crazy triyng to beat the twin XD and more grat was the idea to put the clothing potions inside with the match of friendly fire shoot...u re a genius....

share and agree with all...more language and the belly button sometime are really scary...amy is so cute i hope too for more quest..glory hole was a nice incoming...

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at beginn i totally dont agree the dominant way to punish but this game is really good..really hope a lot u bring more netx time i think im done with all...the story is good and the will of play its everytime more...all girl look different and their personal story are really good build...the detail are good was nice get more language...i can help with italian if u a lot of free time...if i can suggest a tip....make a list for more interact with the pantie u can confiscate....(alice and emily got awesome pantie...)...was nice to see something more of the twins liz and alice...gorgeous girls...and more role to the poor buttplug...used only one time till now...a glory holes between the two shower can be really hilarious...keep the great work up find a way to support you on patron....

5 time gym every day..after for more make gym monday for sally naked and on thursday for get rachel naked with u alone