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Tried this out. I like the concept. As an ok crypt player (finished the game with cadence, melody, dove, dorian, bard) though, I have to say this doesn't feel as intuitive. 

The lobby area has a single backbeat (I don't remember the term for that, I'm not sure it's 2/4, it could be a single snare hit in a 4/4). Took me a little while to realise I could only move half the speed.

And then in the first area, I can't quite get a smooth feel. Dashing especially is hard to pull off at any given time. It's also hard to recover 

So, hmm, I guess this needs better feedback.

I didn't try very hard (4-5 runs) and was tired (and had a couple of beers when trying that out though), so it's probably mostly on me. Not sure. I might try it again later.

Liked the art style, the mechanics have potential. Feels like it pushed into a longer game that could end up having its own distinctive feel.

This concept worked really well. Iirc one of the levels was frustrating, but the rest was great fun. And the art style is cute as well.

This had a really nice atmosphere. There'd need to be work on the AI and combat visual feedback perhaps, but it looks promising.

Cute little game. Nice feel to it.

Perhaps a little too feel-good and simplified to my taste, but I overall liked the atmosphere (nice art and sound), seeing the city change, and some of the messages in this game.

Couldn't get the hang of acorn planting though.

Tried this one out a few months ago. Fun idea. Hard to tell what's going on at times given how zoomed out everything is though.

I liked this, but it made my toaster cough a little, couldn't get it to run smoothly enough.
The atmosphere and the responsiveness of the weapons felt great.
Perhaps a little too blue though... ?

Some of that went way over my head, and it's hard to gauge an unfinished concept and presentation, but it really felt like it had potential. The music was neat, and it left me wanting more. Might check out the metronomicon, I suppose, since this is unlikely to be completed.

Didn't play long enough to get the hang of it, never got past the second wave. Definitely a brain-twister, phew. Leaves one wondering what more could be done with that kind of idea.

I thought it was a bit fiddly and not always obvious knowing what to do next, but the concept was very interesting. It felt like a story told a little differently, and every little revelation kept me guessing. 

Enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Not played DS or KF, but this was nice. 

Played this a few months ago. Felt very nice to handle, really promising demo. Liked the aesthetic and gameplay. Looking forward to anything new.

Very fun concept. Part of me wishes it were fleshed out further, feels like more could be done with this. I had a fun time regardless.

I've never played MML, so no idea how it compares to that, but I really really liked this.

The movement and gameplay were good fun, the world felt like a place (which isn't easy to achieve), the level design was interesting and I liked the art style (and music, iirc).

I hope there's some follow-up to this, because it felt quite refreshing to play.

I thought this would be released on itch as well.

I remember trying this out a few months ago and it looked interesting, but couldn't quite understand what I was supposed to do. Perhaps a tiny bit more context or explanations would have helped a little.

I had fun with this one. The concept works very well. I played it a few months ago, and iirc I had a couple of bugs, and some levels were less fun than others (more backtracking ? Can't remember offhand), but overall a nice experience.

Fun concept. Feels like it might be possible to flesh out more. Compared to other games that were real-time, the turn-based gameplay made it way less frustrating to anticipate weapon changes.

Really liked the concept, had a lot of fun playing this, feels like it could be expanded further. It also took me time to get the solution to level 3, it wasn't intuitive to me.

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I really liked the gameplay, a very different take on, uh, city building games ? Not sure how to classify this, but the way it makes you think about space is fun. I like the art style, the music was nice and relaxing. I'll be keeping an eye on the 2.0 version, that's for sure.

I do think there is something extremely ironic to be using gigantic metallic structures (that definitely required a lot of deforestation and destruction, etc. to build... ?) to restore the environment. I like playing the game, but it feels really off in how utopic and unrealistic the premise and the message is, but perhaps the problem there is just me.