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This is not an asset pack, so no, sorry!


i pack and post all the physical copies myself, and with the current pandemic i don't wanna be spending a lot of time in post offices! so, it will eventually, but not for a while!

heya, thank you for the comment! i would love to print more copies but since i pack and post them all myself, with my health conditions and the current pandemic i won't be able to until things are safer, sorry! but it will happen eventually!

this is so wonderful, i'm really glad you both enjoyed the book so much!

i would never try and stop anyone doing that if they wanted to! i made it to be a book to capture a specific feeling so i feel the effort would be better spent on making an original project personally. some people have used the book as a basis for tabletop RPGs though and i think that's wonderful

i'd like to submit my book Apple Quest Monsters DX!

it isn't a game, it is only a book!

i hate the world that lets people deemed to be intelligent have more security and opportunities than those who deemed not to be. it's hard to navigate the world as a neurodivergant person

Apple Quest Monsters DX! A deluxe version of Apple Quest Monsters with new monsters, colour and more! This was originally made for the print version of AQM, but now is available in digital form!

Small game I made in 2 days in Twine, hatch an egg and see what it evolves into!

Title Wandering Pine

Link to page!

Apple Quest Monsters is a collection of over 50 monster descriptions and sprites from an RPG that doesn't exist.

I was inspired to make this from my childhood love of reading strategy guides of games I never played, purely to look at the characters and screenshots and try and piece together what they meant.

I made all the monsters over about 2 weeks and I put a lot of love into every one of them, a lot of them are based on little bits of my own personality so I really hope you enjoy reading them!

Download includes a 64 page PDF file with 55 monster pages as well as a few extras, such as a world map and an introduction.