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to everyone wondering about physical copies, essentially i need to do a lot of annoying calculations to figure out post-brexit shipping rates for international postage! but hopefully i can get it back in stock soon!

if you press ALT+ENTER it should go full screen!

it's okay, I really should have put a "press enter" prompt or something! 

press enter or space-bar and the game should start!

it was made with OHRRPGCE!

thank you!

beacon boy is something of an embarrassment. it's supposed to say OVER THERE. i came up with them immediately after waking up one day, having noticed everyone who tested the game would end up getting lost during the airship segment and would go to the corners of the map, where there was nothing there. in my sleepy haze, i decided the best way to solve this would be a helpful but ominious creature that points towards the orbs and speaks in morse code. furthermore i accidently mistyped the code, so they're pretty much just not helpful at all.

press alt+enter!

you can't delete maps unless it's the most recent one, but you can delete everything about the map so it's restored to a blank slate. I think it's in "delete map data" or something but I can't check because i'm away from my computer for a few weeks. as for transporting heroes, you can simply use doors! if you need any more help i recommend signing up for the Slime Salad forums or discord or consulting the OHR wiki

i've been using the software for a long time, i made "megaman sprite game" with it 10 years ago! the game was made as a little side project that I worked on infrequently, so it took 6 months from start to finish but i wasn't working on it a lot during that time!

ya that's the FPS it runs at!

megaman sprite game was made in OHRRPGCE too! i'm pretty sure he mentioned this in the video!

i just like it is all, i've been using it for decades! i never enjoyed making things with RPG maker. i couldn't figure out how to get my own graphics into it and gave up. OHR has a unique flavour.

aha! this was made in OHRRPGCE, not RPG maker!

it's made with OHRRPGCE

seems like bots keep posting porno gifs on here. i am going away for 3 weeks soon but i'll try and keep them away. if any appear please report them. thank you.

probably not! i think the ending is very definitive.

yea you press ESC to access the main menu and it's there.

i'm afraid i don't know anything about linux so i'm unable to offer help myself, but you could try downloading the latest Nightly Version of OHRRPGCE and running franken.rpg with it!

press alt+enter and that should make it fullscreen!

there's a file called "music listing.txt" that has the names of all the songs used in the game! you can also download the latest nightly version of OHRRPGCE and extract the songs if you want.

if you download the latest nightly version of OHRRPGCE you can open franken.rpg in custom.exe and look at all the graphics yourself!

the game is made in OHRRPGCE!


who is jack

supposed to say "OVER THERE", the text has a typo but the audio is correct.

a yamato influence that i don't expect anyone to notice is that i based the scorpion design somewhat on the gamillas battleships

it's a parody/loving homage to NES rpgs like the first dragon quest.

i don't think i could put this on steam! but anyone should be able to download it from here whether they have an account here or not

franken is absolutely the kind of game a kid in a sitcom would play and be like "aw mom!!! you made me lose another guy!!! i need to collect the magic resonance stones and take them to thunder mountain!!!"

i have never used a linux system in my life so i am pretty unable to help you i'm afraid! maybe try downloading the linux version of OHRRPGCE and running the .rpg file through it?

they're whatever gender you want them to be

added a .txt file that lists all the music used in the game!

i have never used a mac in my life unfortunately so i can't do much to help, sorry!

are you pressing any buttons? once the title screen appears you need to press spacebar or enter

it's made in OHRRPGCE!

i can't sell this because none of the music in it is mine. but you can buy my book Apple Quest Monsters DX also on my itch page if you're in a generous mood!!

there is no OST! only an UST... unoriginal soundtrack

thank you!! if you can't tell i also love his work given there's like 200 yamato references in this

sorry for the late responce! i always welcome fanart!

this is a lovely comment, thank you so much for enjoying my work!!