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Day 01

After making a bunch of messy notes (that probably need to be in something like Trello rather in a PNG, but that’s an issue for another day!), we decided the first thing we need to figure out is a system for the track itself. We need sections of track that can be changed by using items, we need to know what section a player is on and what sections are ahead of them (since we’d prefer items be used on a section somewhat ahead of the person using so they have to deal with it too, plus it’d be nice to be able to avoid altering track in front of a player before they are able to react).

[Wren] I made my first test with terrible wonky graphics” while Krall made a handful of basic parts for the track. It obviously looked a lot nicer right away, but for me at least it felt like I’d accomplished much more seeing it more polished.

[click on screenshots for GIFs!]

screenshot of first test

my ~amazing~ graphics
screenshot of first test with Krall's graphics
Krall's *actually good* graphics! (plus a lil car from Kenney Game Assets)

Next we need to add items to pick up, effects of those items on track sections, and logic to apply those effects!

Day 02

[Wren] The game can now apply a powerup to a section of track when a player picks one up (we probably don’t want this to be instantly applied, but this works for the moment), and detects when the player hits a section with the powerup on it. Also there’s splitscreen!

screenshot of track with powerup applied
again, my fabulous art for the hazard effect
screenshot of splitscreen

I discovered a thing I did yesterday to fix a problem wasn’t doing what I meant it to and shouldn’t actually have been fixing the problem, even though it was? It is now doing what I intended to do. And luckily still fixes the problem.

[Krall] Day2’s artful bounty consists of: 

  • A kinda blurry car! I need to use less colours for highlights, it seems. The aesthetic I’m going for is slightly sci-fi, but not so sci-fi that they’re hovercars. These things need wheels if they’re going to slip on oil slicks! I’m basing the general design off of high performance racing cars and land speed record-holding vehicles like Thrust2, Thunderbolt, and Blue Bird. I’ll probably try out more varied/less realistic designs like trucks and clown cars too, just to mix things up.

pixel art car

beep beep!
  • Some better-looking track pieces! The idea I have for the track is that it’s made of a series of display screens - when a power-up is activated or permanently applied to a segment of the track the display screen would play an animation to indicate this. These assets are closer to what I was envisioning than the placeholders I made on day 1, but they’re not the finished product. They were good practice though!
That is a tasty plasma.

[Wren] Tomorrow, power-ups!

[Krall] Tomorrow, BEES!

Hi there! We’re James/Jamie (Krall) and Wren (splendidfairywren) and we’re making Victory Lap [working title?], a kart racing game. Neither of us have ever set out to make a video game before, but both of us have some knowledge (though little practical experience) of programming and Krall has plenty of non-game art experience. 

The Game

We’re hoping to make a prototype of a competitive kart racer where the tracks get more difficult as you complete more laps and rather than finishing first the player’s aim is to complete the most laps without dying. Instead of items that are used directly against another player, items affect the track or everyone playing. At the end of any lap, a player may decide to cash-out’ and finish racing, betting that the track has become difficult enough that nobody left will survive to beat their current score.

The idea started out as "a race but you have to finish last" but is now closer to "Mario Kart X Ultimate Chicken Horse". We’ll assume everyone’s at least vaguely aware of what a kart racing game is like (though we’ve never really played Mario Kart specifically, which we should maybe correct as part of making this!); for folks who don’t know Ultimate Chicken Horse, it’s a platformer where the players place the platforms and traps, with the usual aim being to create a platforming sequence you think you can complete but other players can’t. 

[Wren] I’m really into the risk/reward involved and the idea of players setting the challenge level - if a game generates an impossible or almost impossible level it feels unfair and unfun, but if your friend does it you can laugh about it, it’s part of the fun, and possibly even a logical tactic.

[Krall] I really like party games that get hectic and out of control, with lots of interacting elements producing unique and ridiculous play. When Wren and I play Ultimate Chicken Horse I like to load the level with dangerous traps and lots of moving platforms for Maximum Chaos. I usually lose.

[Wren] When considering the difficulty/complete-ability? of tracks I have specifically thought of the times when you deliberately made it impossible to leave the starting area, and the fact that the game allows players to do that and to correct for it!


[Wren] We’re using Construct 2, which neither of us had touched before a few days ago but I have found so easy to use that I picked it over other engines that I've messed with in the past.

[Krall] Wren was the one to find and suggest using Construct 2, it seems to be ideal for making games at our skill level, given that we’ve never made games before but do have some experience coding. Wren’s much better with it than I am, but I’ve gone through some of the tutorials so I know what’s what.


[Krall] I’m doing the art for this project, as I have more experience with making digital art (and Wren didn’t want to do it). I’m aiming for a pixel art style for the finished game - I’ve never really done pixel art before, aside from a couple of terrible Minecraft skins, but I’m a fast learner when I have tutorials to work off of!


We don’t have very specific goals, because we don’t really know what we can do yet! Right now we just want to:

  • Create a thing that didn’t exist before!
  • Be okay with creating a thing that isn’t perfect!
  • Work on a thing together!