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had no idea this was even happening, i'm so excited!!!!!!

can't wait to sink my eyeballs into this one!!

thank you for the sharktoothed gay dweeb i love her

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really well written, i got the bloody hands ending though and felt like i never really got a chance to meaningfully interact with the way the story was turning out, even though it was pretty obvious from very early on. the characterization was all fine and i don't have an issue with how it ended, but i felt like i had no agency in choosing where the story goes, which isn't always a bad thing but in this case, with these stakes, it felt unsatisfying.

i'd like to go through and see more of eva's endings but i'm not sure i'll do it, i've never liked replaying VNs since it makes everything feel super mechanical instead of like a developing story, the way it is the first time, y'know? really good game though, thanks for making it part of the racial justice bundle!

edit: this came out harsher than i wanted, i do wanna emphasize how great the characters are here, i can't remember the last time i saw a story with this many unique, three dimensional characters. there's not a single character left undeveloped, you even get a strong sense of some of the background characters which i can't remember ever seeing in a VN. great stuff despite my criticisms.

the strawpoll is bugging out, can't believe the anti-gwen conspiracy is keeping me from voting smh

that's awesome, i'm thrilled you've put that much thought into it! looking forward to checking this out myself

i can't test right now so you may already have this or have this planned, but i hope this will have basic accessability features? seated play with multiple locomotion options,  height adjustment, that sort of thing? this is exactly the sort of thing i want out of VR since my disability prevents me from going to actual galleries a lot of the time, so it'd be a shame if i couldn't play it because it was standing-only or something