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Amazing what you and everyone achieved in the time. Yes, I think it would be worth developing this game.

I think you did very well in the time. I don't think I would have achieved nearly as much.

An almost perfect game. Incredible quality for speedmode. I liked the sombre, mysterious, music and the sparse, evocative commentry. I thought the concept was well expressed through the mechanic: light's dual role as enablement to see as well as a lance-like weapon. I liked the fact that you couldn't even see the monsters until you started killing them. The ray draws the player forward toward the light source and functions as a kind of Ariadne's thread out of the maze. The puzzle itself was at just the right level of difficulty for me and nicely developed the basic mechanic into more and more complex challenges.  There was much allegory and spiritual meaning expressed in an understated manner. If it were my game, as the next stage of development, I would look at how to modify the final cut scene to be either to be a clear coming out of the game world to comment on the meaning or to somehow stay more in the tone of mystery - whilst yet giving a resolution. That is a challenge that I don't know how I would solve! Overall a brilliant game.

I liked the concept of only being able to see the space immediately around the character, which made the game intriguing. Unfortunately I found it too difficult to make much progress before running out of oil. Give me oil in my lamp!

Brilliant idea to have only a very small area illuminated. I kept failing though so probably needed more mercy.

I enjoyed the idea of the mechanic being "make people happier" rather than shooting them or running them over. It took me a while to work out what to do (and that the numbers were a measure of the happiness of the neighboring face) but once I did, I had fun cornering the red miseries and mercilessly "tickling" them. Lots of potential I thought for extending e.g. have the happiness being able to be passed on.