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You´r fluffy fox

A member registered Sep 20, 2019

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i like the update is just ultra nice, but  i wanted to do something on the table with a knife and that weird fish, unfortunatly  i couldnt , then i put a blindfold on still the same efect, i tough it was going to work, anyway i love the update, wait for more =3

and another thing, whats the collar Bell can be milked with, and how can i find it ?( sorry for bad english)

you go to the massage place , and go to Lin Lin , you need to pay her 300 or 500 and tell her what to do 

epiccccccc i love it

nice work waiting for more<3

i like this update, i find a strange thing, i cant make screenshots or show a photo cuz , a long story, aham, when i enter in the dungeon alone, and sit there it blocked me showing  a message ''the image isnt load'' and some numbers, and the button rstart or try again(sorry if you didnt understand, im dumb, and stopid at english) anyway i was lucky for the saving 

in the forest in abandoned town, ya know that tiger boy, instead of fighting him use ero attack and bum 

just wow , im just amazed how awsome the entire game can be, i love youre art style and im waiting for more `w`

youre game always make me put a smile on my face its just ;) i love them, i wish you the power to make more of them , till next i will try to help you how much i can , luv ya all ;3

true uwu



 3 words: i love it.

the serries of the games you make are just, beautifull, we can see the work and love you put in them , love you and youre beautifull games.

PS: love all the characters to >w<

ok ok that the final thing i wrote , this is a question.

when the part 6 from Lonely Wolf will appear or be planed?

futa is da best uwu


i cant belive i found this game that late, i love youre work , love ya all >w<

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this game/nuvel just make my life much better, thx a loot <3