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is there a way to download the game? at least i believe that will lower the lag. because currently, theres like half a second of input lag on the mouse, and a lot of animation lag. is this normal?

i know im like 83 days late, but i do have to say... you can infintely combo a lot of enemies till you are at the end side of your screen. to do this, just attack up, up, down. repeat this, and you should infinitely be able to combo your opponents to death/end of screen. since there are levels in this game, an ability tree might be a good idea, and i hope you also add descriptions to weapons so i can tell what this/that weapon will do. having the outfits do something special like one of them granting you a 1 time shield for every screen, another increases healing, etc might also be something to put into consideration. i havent seen any nasty bugs or things that annoy me, and the game is great. just needs a few additions, and it probably will be one of the best, if not the best game i played in a while. 9.5/10