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This year I'll be teaching Pyle's Merry Adventures of Robin Hood at Angeles Workshop School, the little revolutionary school I co-founded in Los Angeles. My high school students are largely queer, trans, neurodiverse and radical-minded role-players... can you imagine how INCREDIBLY STOKED I am to find this little gem!?!? We'll be playing WSGARH for sure! Also bought Sherwood! Thanks

Brilliant. The concept of the imaginary rats being in the real room is great! Also I love how the rules mention needing a d6 then proceed to not elaborate at all on this. This is NOT a criticism. Love it!

STAR WARS QUEST community · Created a new topic HELLO THERE

HELLO THERE! (Repeat after me, "General Kenobi")

Thanks for taking an interest in STAR WARS QUEST. Like it says in the ABOUT THE GAME introduction in the rulebook, I've been a superfan of Star Wars ever since I saw it in 1977. I've seen a lot of quality SW games come out, but few truly captured what the movies meant to me. So I've cobbled this game together over the decades, and played it with literally hundreds of players. I think it's pretty darn good.

I hope you share my opinion, and I'd love to hear about your experiences playing STAR WARS QUEST!



HOWDY! When I created LEGOMANIA, I wanted to make the ultimate building brick role-playing game, where you could play every type of adventure, in every possible world that you dreamed of, and also do it "LEGO-style", with cool rules for building stuff in the game. This game should only be limited by your imagination... and the number of bricks you have in you LEGO bin, of course! 

I hope you really enjoy LEGOMANIA-- I put a lot of work into creating it. Tell us all about the fun you have while playing this game!

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I hope you enjoy my tabletop RPG, SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR TURTLES. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. Actually that's a lie-- I didn't bleed. Much. 

So with that in mind, PLEASE FEEL FREE to chat about SJWT here! I would love to hear about your experiences playing this game I created. Please note, however, that this is a very leftist and radical game, and as such will inevitably attract some right-wing lumpenproletariat trolls, or maybe even some pearl-clutching neolibs. If you're one of them, just... don't. k thx.

But if you enjoy the game, OMG PLEASE POST! It will warm my lil heart to see some complete stranger had fun with something I made.