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"What's this game about?"
 It's about drive, it's about power
We stay hungry, we devour
Put in the work, put in the hours and take what's ours
Black and Samoan in my veins
My culture bangin' with Strange
I change the game, so what's my motherfuckin' name?

Have you found the clothes store yet?

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I don't like you because you use a phone to play games. PC Master Race.

Your intro/profile picture combination confuse the fk out of me.

for when you want to play sonic, but you don't want to play sonic

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What the fuck was that Bryce?

A really unique concept :D

Actually scary, my only complaint is how long it takes to complete an action.

Really good for what it is.

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Have I discovered something? 

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 I was disheartened when it said "DX12 is not supported on your system" 

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Miguel, I think you're insane but in a good way.

Fuck, this is the weirdest game I've ever played.


There's multiple endings

Nice emoji wall, why would they make it easier if it's pointless?

Mummy is just as crazy as them O.o

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It was fun while it lasted. I really liked how the products looked haha

You scared me with those ghosts going 4000 miles per hour

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I didn't know cannibals are supernatural beings lmao
Great game btw

By far the weirdest game I've ever played, don't even know what to do

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After playing the game for an hour I encountered 2 bugs, 1 game breaking and the other is minor
1st one is when you talk to the bartender during the dog chase quest and the game softlocks, re-launching the game reloads to the last savepoint. The 2nd one I encountered was when I was carrying the lost kid on my back and going back to town, I quit to title and once I open the save slot menu it says "00_title", Loading the save takes me to the title screen as it says, so I'm unable to load my last save. 
I certainly don't feel like spending another hour and doing all that again haha.
That being said I really enjoyed the demo so far and I'm looking forward to the full release :D

Love the aesthetic

Not a big fan of card games, but at a first glance I can tell it's unique.

You've posted the same comment 20+ times on different games, you can't claim free games. You can only download them and add them to collections.

What the fuck

Great potential if you were to continue it.


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If you want a more informative thread go to DaVince's post.This is the first one I found, at the very top of the green/blue level select room.


Found above the place you spawn the first time.On top of the castle. If you stick to the purple scarecrow man you get to the haunted ps1 room and skip the monkey king.That one spooked me.You get to this room by sticking to the purple guy on top of the castle. Idk if this is a secret or just a placeholder for something.


This little guy is right behind you when you enter the castle.When you enter the castle turn right and walk into the wall where the torch lever is.

Green Level

In the green level, this one spooked me.Lever in the green level to open the passage to the red level.

Blue Level 

In the blue level on top of one of the snowball dispensers.Little peeb's inside of a snowman in blue level.Behind the blue level entrance.On top of the same building from the previous screenshot, covered in snow.Idk what that is.You can't miss this cat.The red key for the red level. Like I said before, refer to DaVince's thread for more info.Make sure you save before you beat the red level, because it sends you back to the most recent lamp post.

Checkerboard Place

Off to the side somewhere when you cross the non-solid fences.If you go around the outside of the fences, you'll find this.Drop down behind the fences and find the test level portal.Go inside for some trivia (I think)I saw this from DaVince's post, if you hold down the right mouse button you get teleported to a secret level, at the end you pick up a cube.You can see a spooky version of the title screen if you exit to menu after picking up the cube.

I really enjoyed the game. Everyone should play it.

you just sent me 15 years in the past

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Fun little game, I love Baba Yaga's house

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I don't know what you did Jay, but it's running like butter :)

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No problem. Wasn't your upcoming game expanding upon this Jam one?

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I really want to finish your game, but when I look at the castle my fps drops from 60 to 9

I liked using the coin, really satisfying when you land the shot.

It was funded in 17 hours, what else did you want?

Your game made me ugly cry 😭

Love the concept