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what's 32x? 32-bit?

what's the difference from base game?

Died 2 times, beat it in 2 minutes

That was a fun little game to pass the time.

Fun game

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It stood out from all the other free games instantly, I don't have the patience to beat level 1 but I can tell it's a good game.

there's like a million gay visual novels

Have you seen this mod yet?

I don't see what the internet has to do with it.

That was too short :(

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I wish itch would recommend me games like this more often, or at least games I haven't downloaded before

Edit: I had a lot of fun with the game

Are you still working on this or is the project retired?

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Played this a year ago and never got around to commenting, I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed every second of this game from start to finish, even thought I played it in an empty lobby it felt pretty populated.

I feel like a lot more people should have played this game, Like in the 100k range twitch kind of virality

By the way finding this game again to comment was hard to do, I originally thought Bryce Bucher made this game because of their unique style, but then I remembered you also had a unique style, I was already following you so here I am haha

I love Pepo.

I'm gonna come.

Game 24 Truss was hands down the best one


Have you found the clothes store yet?

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I don't like you because you use a phone to play games. PC Master Race.

Your intro/profile picture combination confuse the fk out of me.

for when you want to play sonic, but you don't want to play sonic

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What the fuck was that Bryce?

A really unique concept :D

Actually scary, my only complaint is how long it takes to complete an action.

Really good for what it is.

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Have I discovered something? 

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Miguel, I think you're insane but in a good way.

Fuck, this is the weirdest game I've ever played.


There's multiple endings

Nice emoji wall, why would they make it easier if it's pointless?

Mummy is just as crazy as them O.o

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It was fun while it lasted. I really liked how the products looked haha

You scared me with those ghosts going 4000 miles per hour

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I didn't know cannibals are supernatural beings lmao
Great game btw

By far the weirdest game I've ever played, don't even know what to do

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After playing the game for an hour I encountered 2 bugs, 1 game breaking and the other is minor
1st one is when you talk to the bartender during the dog chase quest and the game softlocks, re-launching the game reloads to the last savepoint. The 2nd one I encountered was when I was carrying the lost kid on my back and going back to town, I quit to title and once I open the save slot menu it says "00_title", Loading the save takes me to the title screen as it says, so I'm unable to load my last save. 
I certainly don't feel like spending another hour and doing all that again haha.
That being said I really enjoyed the demo so far and I'm looking forward to the full release :D