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I love this! Currently going through this when I can. I rarely do one-player adventures and it was easy to follow. Great job on this!!!

I adore this!! Will definitely be using fascets in my game. Amazing work!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much?? That means so much to me! It was a lot of fun to make and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Checking every object was always delightful and I like the feeling of being confined to this little room. And the the frames make a big difference. So cool! Almost as cool as Saturn! :)

I love this! The art is sooo nice to look at and reading and collecting everything was fun. The idea of a repair-person learning about alternate universes is such a cute idea! Love love love this! 

This was SO cute and creative! Such an adorable little story! And the pixel art is so nice too! I love this!

Wow. This was incredible. The writing is so personal and told so well. The act of fitting the cursor in like puzzle pieces and seeing the screen change added to the emotion. This was such an experience.

Thanks for making this.

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Love the writing in this. The changing music in this is really effective... Another banger, Teeth.

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Got all the endings! Finding out who Louis is was so fun! And all of the dialog was so fun to read. This has so much heart in it. Thanks for making this!

I LOVE this! The art is so charming and love all the choices you can make. I need moooore of this!

A point and click bitsy game? Yes please! I like how unnerving this felt. I'd love to see the continuation!

I like the view of the windows coming up. Would love to see this updated!

Wow! I really liked this one! I actually felt uneasy playing this and went for 5 endings. This was done really well!!

So cute! The main character is such a cute little guy

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I really like this! The room affect was really cool, and as a bitsy user, I can tell it took a while! What a cool way to show dissociation. Nice!

Simple and sweet! Pixsy is such a cool tool. 

That was cool! I love the writing and the alternate endings!

Simple and cute! I really like the pixel art!

Cute practice with variables!

I loved this! This is my FAVORITE game of yours so far! The pixel art is so detailed and the writing is so gentle. Thanks for this! <3

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Theme suggestion: tiny

I Dont even have anything in mind lol! Just sounds neat! 

Thank you so much! Im glad I was able to pull of the "reflective" mood. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Im not sure? I liked both, but I  think I prefer this one. I like the collecting and different ending you can get in this one

Ayy, Manior is back! I got all 5 endings it was pretty satisfying!


This is so moody, I like it. And hey, that screen transition slide with the changing colors was really cool! I really liked reading all the blurbs about poisinous plants. Great for a 2nd game! Keep making em'!!!

I love this. When I saw this empty slot in the entires list, I was really hoping to see what it was, and I'm so glad its here now. Its so simple, but the photos and music is so effective. And the writing? It really got to me. This is truely touching.

Thanks for making this :)

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I really wanted to capture that reflective, comfy feeling. Ahhhh, thank you for the nice words!!

Gosh! Thank you! Love Bitsy so much.

Oh my gosh??? Thank you so much??!!

I loved this!! This has a feeling of melancholy all the way throughout, though still gentle. I really liked how the little map really felt like there was lots to explore. I played twice to get both endings. Beyond the great pixel art, this is so polished, with the game and dialog. One of the best short bitsy games I've played. A great first game!

(Sorry I don't speak spanish by the way haha!)

I love how this is written. Every line was so nice to think about. This is a great first game!

I like the feeling of being lost, yet still was able to find all the pieces. I liked the ending for some reason. Sometimes, you just need to start anew. 

Really funky! I like how theres music for each room and the dialogue is fun.

So gentle and sweet. A nice playable poem. I really like the close up at the end!

So fun! I really liked collecting the sticks and talking to Manoir! I played this multiple times, and got 35 sticks and two endings. Couldnt find out how to collect them all or the gun. But otherwise, really great!

I like the mixture of modern and fantasy elements together to tell the message. The pixel art is great too! 

Absolutely beautiful. Simple, short, yet emotional for me. Thank you for making this! Fressias are such pretty flowers.

The pixel art is so detailed! Love how the writing is both hilarious, yet introspective. Cool dream dude.

The flooding effect was really neat! Short and Sweet.