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This looks so good! I can't wait to try it! My only question is: can I play this with a controller? 

You can destroy it - I also destroyed it, accidentally. If you find it in your inventory, then choose to inspect it, Claire notices it's actually a gold coin attached to string (or something), and you can choose to take it apart (destroying the medal and giving you 1 coin) or keep it. I wish I hadn't destroyed it, but maybe you won't :D 

Yes, like Nik said, you need to wait for the fish to bite down properly, which you can tell by the sound (louder BLORP sound) and also from the splash and rings in the water. It's subtle, but hopefully that helps! And yes, you need to press the action button repeatedly in combination with moving the character back until it's pulled out of the water :) Good luck! 

Hi! I also have ADHD and I thought this was an incredible game experience as well! It was a breath of fresh air in comparison to other games where it tends to be a disadvantage to stray off the path, so to speak. But this was just incredibly ADHD friendly! I also loved that it's so wholesome, there are no risks, you can't take damage, no characters will hate you if you say or do the wrong thing, there are no enemies to fight and nothing is off-bounds! It was very relaxing and it was perfectly bite-sized, too :D I loved the hats so much too!!!

You're very welcome! Yes, that's too bad, but I also hope we get to see more games like this! It is a very niche genre indeed :D

Thank you so much for the changes! I can't wait to see them, I'm excited about all of these! Thank you for your incredible work =)

Hi! I do have some of the answers you seek! :) 

I had a really hard time finding that exact fish myself! I eventually had to look it up. As it turns out, the river in the forest (the river in front of the lighthouse, which ends in a waterfall near Aunt May's house) is the one where you can find this fish, as it is apparently slower than the rest of the rivers on the island. 

I don't think there is a passageway in the river area you mentioned. I was also confused by all the boards around there, but I don't think they have a function. I tried to enter through the top of the river, but it is not a passageway.

As for the icy passage, yes, there is another end of the tunnel! =) If you go to Aunt May's house, then north through the water (just staying near the edge of the ledges will do), it won't take many seconds until you reach the other passage! Hope you find it :D 

And I've also been wondering what happens if you get all the bouncy flowers to bloom! I've been trying to find them all myself, and I'm not sure if I have found them all. I don't know if anything happens if you do get them all. I did a google search and there doesn't seem to be any guides for this yet, unfortunately.

I've seen other people having problems with accidentally interacting with things during the parkour races, and unfortunately I can't help with that as I never really had this problem. The technique I tend to use is to fly as high as I can from the get-go and swoop to build speed while I float over all the obstacles. Maybe that would help! (Tip: get the silver feather(s) first for better height and climbing speed to maximize this advantage!)

I hope all of this helps! :D Good luck! 

All good points, I can admit Firewatch isn't for everyone even though it's one of my favourite games of all time =)

The only other game I've played where the gameplay feels almost as 'free' and open world as in A Short Hike is Sly Cooper (any of the games from the series). You can climb around pretty much anywhere, there are ways to glide around (if you get a 'paraglider') and an open world full of opportunities to jump around, explore and climb. There are hidden treasures to find, too. The game is very based on missions and doing quests, though, and the environment is definitely darker and more action-packed, but the exploration feels very nice in this game. 

Hi! I absolutely adored this game myself and it's become one of my all-time favourites! 

While I haven't played a lot of games exactly like this one, there are a few aspects that reminded me of other games, so I hope these might work for you! 

The whole time while I played it, I kept thinking it felt like a mix of Animal Crossing and Night in The Woods. I've never played Animal Crossing myself, but I've seen and heard a lot from it and it gave me very strong vibes. Cute animals you can interact with, a little island where you can fish and collect things, peaceful with no enemies, etc. 

It reminded me of Night In The Woods in the way the characters interact with you and speak: really witty, funny, charming and heartfelt conversations, with a very similar flow of speech bubbles that feel like a very natural conversation. Additionally, the characters in Night In The Woods are all cute little animals like these, in a similar art style. Claire actually reminds me of the main character, Mae. The game also has a very cute, simplified art style with a lot of warm tones and forests! The game is certainly darker than this one, more existential and there's a bit of mystery, but the dialogue and characters in Night In The Woods are such a delight and I highly recommend it! 

The art style and the vibe also reminded me of Life is Strange. Although Life is Strange is a much longer game, and it's got a more realistic style, it is a very relaxing game with opportunities to get to know the characters, sit down and enjoy the environments, a relaxing soundtrack and very lovable characters. This game is definitely darker and very emotional, but the art style is beautiful and it's my go-to relaxation game. And the story and characters are amazing.

I think you'd also enjoy Firewatch - it's a first person narrative game where you play as someone who has just become a firewatch. You basically explore a beautiful forest, with a very warm and colourful style. I'd recommend it a lot if you enjoyed this game, it's got beautiful visuals, it's very relaxing and there's also a lot of witty dialogue (still - there is mystery and danger in some parts, so not as harmless and innocent as A Short Hike).

I hope any of these suggestions will come in handy! ^-^