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Just tried it on my RG350M several times and it consistently works with SimpleMenu after a cold start. I think you got it!

And thanks for adding alternate button options, I appreciate it. The controls in some games still feel backwards to me, but I'll survive :)

Yesterday I reported this as working, but I tried it again after reading other comments and now I'm having the screen issue again. Not sure if the it's the problem that is inconsistent, or if it's me!

It's working great for me now, thank you very much!

One more thing while I'm here - would it be possible to add an option for an alternate control scheme that uses Y-B instead of B-A?

I have the RG350M and have a similar issue. If I run a game straight from the emulator it fits the screen fine, but if I launch a game from SimpleMenu, it displays in the bottom-left corner of the screen. However if I exit SimpleMenu, run a game from the emulator, then go back into SimpleMenu, they launch fine after that - until I shut down again, then the problem comes back.