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Vikalp Gaur

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انقر نقرًا مزدوجًا فوق ملف TheShadow.exe وستدخل اللعبة.

Thanks for playing my game, hope you were able to finish it afterwards!

Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks a lot for playing and reviewing my game! Really appreciate it!

I will be fixing the bugs this week and uploading it, in the meantime, you can simply load the game and try not to interact with the giant since it becomes kind of glitchy.

Could you be more specific, from where exactly are you falling down from?

Thanks! Your feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely consider that!

Good idea, I will consider that!

Thank you! And the cards don't spawn, they are at their fixed location. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Good game!!

That is weird, we must have used the same references to make our games. Anyways, thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for playing my game :):)

Thanks for playing my game and sharing your opinion!

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for playing it! I used music from different games that I took reference from like outlast, resident evil etc. Also, your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thank you! Will definitely make more in the near future!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for playing it man!

Yes, definitely! Thanks!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot. Will definitely look into your suggestion.