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oh gosh no sprites, how could you

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k so I have an idea. I make some python code that... lets me type in little to no text in order to make a game. so  it reads a txt then uses pygame to make a game. Is that okay?

oh sorry about that. I just get a little wierd when people talk about this stuff. Mostly because I only ever find the really bad feminists(you know the "tiggered" one). Again sorry

sexism where tho. I just saw a weird guy talking. Thats the most sexism(altho no one says that, THATS A STERIOTYPE OF MEN, so think about that). Also the toy thing was the kids choice. You see girls and boys think different. good game tho, I did like the gameplay, it was just the wierd story. You are a good dev, Just relize there is little to no sexism(Mostly in america(where I think you probably were)), If there is sexism its equal between genders

is this litty? I want to know if its worth a download

yes get a gpu

this is fun


why is it 9,999.99(no im not kiding)