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Yeah - it hasn't always been the case, I had it working just fine at the start, it's strange how it's started recently.

Although, my enum/macro init script is close to 900 lines now, as the project is very large. It shouldn't be the issue though - I'm trying to replicate with new project so I can establish more details around what could be causing it. 

No problem, - let me try and pull things out and see if I still have the issue in a new project and send it over. Thanks! 

Hi Drindilica - I actually have all my enums/macros declared in one init script called at the start of the project. I'm not setting enum in this case, I'm only trying to reference them :) 

GMLive.gml community · Created a new topic ENUMs

Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone else has come into issues when using ENUMs at all? Any part I try to update that contains an enum field, I always get back an error along the lines of this: 

[live][1:52:26 PM] obj_profile:Draw_0[L8,c89] Enum `playerdatastorage` does not contain field `totalessence`

I generally will just comment out ENUM sections when use GMLive to layout UI stuff, and then just cut them back in when I know the layout is all good and I've shut off GMLive. I figured it may be worth a shot however to see if anyone else has had this issue. 

For the record as well - it isn't just that Enum value - it's pretty much any/all. And I can confirm that "playerdatastorage" does contain that field as well. 

Thanks very much - other than this minor issue this extension has been a major help!! 

Thanks again! 

Thank you! Will send through a message on there :) 

Hey there BattleRabbit - these are terrific, we've been using them here for a game we have in development and love the style. Would love to speak more about things if possible? Do you have an email we can contact you on? 

Thanks !