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nah that would make the game easier than it is

İt would be cool if it was ported to mobile

at first i thought sansfield would eat the burger while it was our turn

X slows down too

it would be cool if the game forced to be on monday mode in monday

maybe that could be an secret ending if the developers update this game

downloadable build would be good

what do you mean my level?

that should be optional

bottom right


yee i did it

wasd arrow keys

ok  Bambus finger


i tried again and i did made it but i bought axe from my wounds

maybe theres an rng system or smth?

yea right thats the point why im asking

i found a bug 

the bug is when i open the left door and if i try to close it before the door fully opens and if i hold z before the left door closes an automaticlly spam happens until i stop holding z

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omg its freaking loud

not quite, try using diffrent strategies

i tried and i didnt made it

it would be great if we can heal our wounds with our remaining blood

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i beat the game on first try its just about to attacking and avoiding