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Spicy Tuna RPG

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Hey! I'm sorry to hear about that.
>PDFs/Digital extras. Send me an email at with proof of purchase and the email you use for DriveThru and I'll share them through a DriveThru link.
>Physical components. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do. That's a transaction with WOGD selling our products and they are responsible for their business and shipping. The best I can do is forward this over and hope it's enough to prompt a response.

Yes they will be! Hardcovers will be available soon. We'll be opening a webstore, the Greenhorns Backerkit preorder store coming up in a day or so, and at the Tuesday Knight Games webstore

A big Hell Yes to How to Summon A Spirit! Great progression through acts, an awesome ritual tree, and cool epilogue options.

No Future is one of my highlights of 2023. The loop is so good!!

Hey! 3-4 players + the GM is probably the sweet spot! But, you can easily play 2 or 5 players.

Thanks for sharing here!! It was a great game!

Thanks so much! I'm excited to find more print/digital applications for the fonts too!

Hey, I made this free little tabletop adventure using Chunky8 and Slab14.

Really love these!

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it <3