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Well.. the idea is that the panties and skins would be made outside the game. And the game would just auto-load it. So technically you could just transfer all the items to Android.
And I was also toying with idea of putting a unofficial 'community made graphics pack' available for all platforms.

Ahhh letterbox hack! That didn't cross my mind! Deal I'll try and push this in :)

Yeah Liquids and Oils is still High priority :)
Multispanking is great idea, however - the game is not optimized well, adding more asses would kill most of the processing powers </3

I don't have much time to do event updates and I thought Social Distancing would free me some time... oh boi

Butt for the next update I've planned to put in feature to load a custom user-made panties or skins <3

The crap thing about Portrait Mode is the ass would have to be zoomed in way off the edges of the screen to hide the fact that there is no head and feet :D

Yeah garter belts are easy :)

I agree, we need oils! And ruler sounds kinky!

Awesome Pawesome! This idea came from The community <3 :)

Atomic wedgie! <3

Yeah I know what you mean :) But unfortunately, I'm limited by the technology I created! (ie: 2d deforming/bending doesen't look so good - I might re-tweak it in the future)

Stay hydrated!

Hey thanks! :)

Yeah I'll try and add the liquids in as soon as possible :) Someone also suggested splashing water <3
Wedgies are already in ;)
Yeah everyone loves a good spread :D But I'm trying to have sort-of playboy style erotic theme going on!

I planned on making a 'tattoo maker feature' - to be able to draw custom tattoo and place it anywhere.
But I'll probably just release custom assets feature sometime soon!

:D Thank you for your encouraging words!

Huh, damn bugs! I will check it and patch it asap!

Simon says sounds like a cool minigame <3 :)

Shuffle button, or maybe even shuffle toy!

Hey Thanks for reporting this! Fix will be up ASAP!

Well argumented! 
Alright, I've added the "Fade Speed" to my task list. I'm planning to put this under settings for now.
Thanks for feedback! :)


What about new toys that have longer lasting redness ?

U la-la :) Good idea!
I'll see what I can do!


Skirts are actually on my list for next content update! 

Wedgie feature I need to check it and see if I can make it look good :)

Just nudity? ;)

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Slappy Ass v1.0.5

What would you like to see in the future?

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Bugs and Crashes should go here  :3