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spare me

I really hope I have some money by the time this game's released, because I adore it so much! You did an amazing job with the demo :)

Thanks for replying! My Discord name is  SpicyPeachDev#4601

I'm just gonna jump on the Unity train 

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This is my first time doing anything game jam related so I'm not sure if this is the right way to ask for help, but I've seen other people do it so I guess it's fine. I need a piano track for my game. The game is going to be based around the music, so it's pretty vital to the project. If anyone's is available and willing to help, that'd be great!

I really enjoyed the game! That Madoka-like art style and animation you used for it was truly awesome 

I'm really hoping you'd be willing to enter the next Magical Girl Game Jam hosted in a couple weeks!

As soon as the ball dropped from my mouse, and the game made the "WHOOP" sound, I immediately clicked off of the game and said "Nope." The fricking sound of a ball dropping scared me... 

Goodness, I'm a wuss

Cool game for the 10 seconds I lasted lol

So much chaos...

I love it!