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I've been wanting to join a VN game jam for a while, but I've been caught up in my own visual novel project so I don't really have time to write another story. I'd be happy to help others with the visuals for their games, though!

Reach out to me on Discord @SpicyPeachDev#4601 if you're interested and I can show you some of my art! Just a heads up drawing male characters isn't my strongsuit! 

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How exactly did you fix the issue? I'm using layered images, too, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong

Edit: Nevermind, it was working the whole time but the zoom was so low that I didn't notice the change

Hey there! Thanks for being interested in playing the game!

I've temporarily removed the game files because I was no longer happy with the original project. I go more into detail about it in my most recent devlog.

I'm currently working on an updated version that I'm actually proud of, and once it's finished I'll be sure to let you know so you can download it! Thanks for your support ^^

Thank you for making this! I'll try it out when I get home :)

Hey there again! So I was working on the newest version of the game and wanted to tell you that I finally added in the option for a dyslexic font! It currently only alters the dialogue font but I've changed a majority of the other fonts to be thicker so they're easier to read. 

Would you be interested in play-testing the game and giving me your thoughts and feedback on it?

I sent a friend request ^^

It says you're not accepting new requests. Maybe you can try adding me instead

I accepted your friend request ^^


Sure! I accepted your friend request ^^

Yeah it was Chuzou

That's awesome then! Glad you're here ^^ Would you mind linking the TikTok video btw?

Good on you for making the decision to take care of you and your happiness, Cherri! I'd rather you drop the project then to continue working on something that you're not passionate about.

Can't wait to hear more details about your original visual novel! Keep us posted ^^

I'll take care of it, thanks

I see. Thanks for bringing it to my attention; I'll be sure to correct that in the next update :) 

Of course! Feel free to come back if you have anymore questions ^^

Hi there! I probably mentioned brown hair in reference to Ochako, but there is a chance I messed up while writing. Can you tell me which line it says that Iida has brown hair?

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! I, too, hope to make this game as amazing as possible ^^

Thank you for the commendation in regards to personally drawing the character sprites myself, and originally it was just me as a one-person team doing everything for the project, but thankfully NynxThinks is now working with me to create the character art instead! I'm ever so grateful for his help since it'll lighten my load and allow me to focus on the story and writing. 

As far as epileptic seizure-inducing sequences, I don't think there'll be any flashing lights or anything worthy of a warning in the game. I'm not epileptic, but I completely understand your, for lack of a better word, annoyance when it comes to people not warning you about flashing lights. If I do add anything that can classify as seizure-inducing, I'll add plenty of warnings in the game beforehand, or even add a mode that removes flashing lights altogether!

1) Personally, I'm really bad at planning out story-heavy projects, so I'm kind of "planning" as I go. I'll admit that it can be very stressful/annoying when I add to the story and then have to go back to earlier parts and change set-in-stone events because they don't make sense anymore. Try to get in the habit of planning your story out before taking to Ren'Py: it'll make your life a lot easier in the long run if you have an idea of how the story will play out. Unfortunately it's really the only way I can work so I don't ultimately get bored of this project. 

As far as making the visual novel, I can't remember exactly how long I worked on it before publishing it to Itch a year ago. If I had to give an estimate I would say maybe 5 months since I wrote and scrapped the story multiple times before ending up with the one we have now! This update that I'm working on has taken me a while to work on because-

2) I get burnt out on this project especially quick and very often. Having to, as the sole team member, try and juggle school, developing the story, creating art, etc. really stressed me out to no end, and I had to take multiple breaks that ranged from weeks to months to keep going. Thankfully as of late, an artist named NynxThinks reached out to me wanting to create art for the game, so with their addition to the team I'm hoping to get a lot more progress done on the story! 

I just want you to remember that it's okay to take breaks on your project. You shouldn't feel ashamed or that you're letting fans of your game down because you're taking time to yourself, alright?

3) I followed a Ren'Py tutorial for the profile menu! The YouTube channel Zeil Learnings has very usual information about Ren'Py and interesting videos to follow along with! If you have any questions, you can ask her in a video's comment section or reach out via her Discord server ^^

Hope this helped~

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! 

Of course it's fine to ask ^^ What questions do you have?

It's not in the version that's available on the game page: I've added that to the update I'm planning on uploading soon

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Hey there, Nynx! No need to apologize; it's not a bother at all ^^

I'm sorry about not responding to your previous comment; I did see it, but I was debating for so long on how to answer that I kind of forgot to respond in the first place. 😅

I love your art style and I'd love to have you as apart of the team but I'm afraid that the workload for making sprites would be a lot for you, as it was a lot for the last artist that volunteered (although I'm not sure if that was solely because of the work or balancing with personal life was a lot.. but still.)

As a fellow artist, I understand that making art is time consuming -- it sometimes takes awhile to draw one character, much less over 10 sprites for different characters, not even including pose variations and emotions. I'm fine with putting myself through that amount of artwork, but I don't feel right burdening someone else with that.

Now special character images I could definitely get some help on. 

Would you perhaps be willing to make character cutscenes and special images of that nature for the game? That way you can still be apart of the project making art for characters, but you can create the art in your free time! ^^ (My Twitter is cheyberriart if you wanna talk further btw)

Edit: Grammar.

Hi there! There's no update available yet, unfortunately.

I added that already, but thanks for suggesting it ^^

i love how basically the entire comment section is just thirsting over this demon man

and i agree wholeheartedly serve me a slice of his miasmic form please and thank you

I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. In the next update, I'm making it so that you can choose non-binary pronouns instead of having automatic female ones.

I wasn't expecting this project to receive that much attention so I didn't think to add a pronoun selection, but that's definitely a mistake I'm correcting.

Apologies again! 

As far as the update, the most recent version of her game is "MyHeroDatingSimulator-0.4-pc". If that's the one you already have installed, then that was the final update for that game, I'm sorry ^^U

Chuzou's no longer working on that game, unfortunately. She announced on her Tumblr that she wants to move on to other visual novel game projects as she'd been working on the MHA VN for some years now. 

I was already planning on making a My Hero inspired visual novel, but I guess now that Chuzou has discontinued her project I and Cherribomaddict are in charge of finishing the project Chuzou started (not literally).

After the entire game is completed, I'm definitely up for making mobile game ports! It's just gonna take awhile before that happens, though 😅

I'm glad you're taking a break from developing games to pursue your dreams! I wish you nothing but happiness and success in life! 

Take care ^^

I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far ^^ 

Yes, I am already working with someone who's helping translate the game to Spanish, but thank you so much for wanting to help anyway! 

I mean, Toga would be the only one I could  add to the roster if I added villains because of age yknow? lol

Though I don't really have any current plans to add her in, I'll definitely consider making her a DLC character once the main game is finished ^^

Can't wait to play this when it drops ^^

I sent a message ^^

No need to worry, your english is fine ^^ 

Thanks so much for volunteering! Do you have a Discord or another social media where I can contact you to discuss further details? 

Hey there, thanks for volunteering! Do you have a Discord or social media account I can contact where we can further discuss some details?

Maybe I could add him into a DLC with Todoroki, Yaomomo, Jirou and Asui since I'm on the fence about writing for those characters too 

I've never written for him before so I'm not sure if I could do him justice lol, so if you have any ideas for an Ojiro route, I'm all ears ^^

I'm glad you got it working ^^ 

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm working on the next update right now which I'll hopefully be dropping soon, so stay tuned for that 👀

Hello there ^^

I'm not familiar with Apple software, but assuming it's similar to Windows, did you double-click and extract the ZIP file after the download was finished?

I think you've mistaken my game for the other My Hero Academia visual novel that was being created by Chuzou; I don't have a Kirishima/Kaminari option like that in my game.

Chuzou's taking a break from developing her MHA game and has since decided to private the game page meaning you can't access it anymore. I understand why there was a mix-up, but to clarify, these are 2 similar games made by 2 different people.

Depending on what the error says, maybe I could assist in fixing the issue, though. Could you send me a screenshot of the error message?

25 right here