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this is amazing, thanks for sharing this!

I'll definitely be buying this later once I get back to my projects. You did some amazing work man!

i love the artstyle that went into this!

this is how I got .wav clips working (a bit complicated):

It was the tileset. I reused the tileset from my previous game. The music and tile maps are new.

Thank you, your game in this jam is so far among my favorite works of yours!

Oops I forgot to specify it's a gbc only game but I forgot to make a check that it can't be played on a DMG gameboy, sorry!  I think it has something to do with the plugins I used for gb studio v3 that messes with DMG a lot.

Yeah I think it reminded you of it because the intro song sounded like the menu theme in Pokémon tcg

Yeah I was gonna add a Shop scene but I didn't have much time left for the jam, thanks for giving my game a try!

Thank you, it was difficult trying to cramp all I could into this game jam but I'm glad it's paying off!

here's the 3ds theme

I'm making a similar game to this but I do have other games like tinkercore and grimlore though the game I'm working on is horror based similar to this and has similar exploration, I may come back to this project (the problem is it's too daunting to finish this one)

thanks man, I'm glad to see someone enjoys the combat as it was gonna be more complex but it was a game jam game I had to make in 7 days

it's j/X on the SEIZURE WARNING Screen.

you need to go through the door in that last room

si, es el version final.

thank you! Yeah I'm gonna focus on shorter games now but this one was made so quickly due to Christmas and family plans.

chest armor, free bullet proof vest

yeah I made it too hard on purpose to make the game feel longer sorry but I'll make a sequel that will definitely be more polished (the last enemies actually had longer wait times to not be so unfair as an example)

how is your comment so innocent yet dirty at the same time lmao

oh I drew and made everything myself, my twitter is Spicyfuse

lol the jokes were between me and my friends on discord, I had a lot of fun with the dialogue

sigma pilled perhaps

I updated the game to have more instructions on what to do

thanks man, sorry if it was too short as I only had 2 days

ah thank you, imma see how to fix it

it's fine, I just reccomend you combine all the candy and just check all 4 npcs in the cafe

was there a bug as in you couldn't exit the shop or was something confusing?

I knew someone would say this lol

apologies on that, I'll probably update the game with more clues or a guide npc in the future 

ah yeah I wish I made it more complex with the clues but I simply shortened the game since it's a game jam and didnt wanna waste time

thanks man, I tried to make out everything I could with the gameboy's limited sprite space

i understand, I went overboard as I didn't want the game to feel like a gameboy game and make it feel more modern by adding as much color as I could (4 color palettes of 4 in all scenes)

ah sorry about that, it was originally gonna be an rpg or Zelda adventure game but with the time given of 2 days left, it was scrapped, I'll definitely implement it in my next game as this was just a collectathon 

Thanks man

you need the high jump boots further in the game!

thanks man I appreciate it, I wish it got in too...

But this only means I can make whatever I want now

I'm currently working on a trailer

new update!

- You can play another game on your console in the bedroom!

- no more sliding around on a single frame!