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but why ?

why are you sending a mediafire link why didint you added  in

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i know doki doki is not a virus but i was talking about what they sent

is this a virus ??

you will need to reinstall it

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ITS BEAUTIFUL THANKS FOR MAKING IT (what will make after this ?)(and why its so cheap ? )

thanks you anyway :(

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thanks pixelart is hard for me and this will make it esaier

btw do you know if it an work with aseprite ?

do you have an idea for when it will be finished  ? 

are you still working on it ?? i cant wait for the exteriors pack !

thanks you

congrates !

can you pls add the tool (or a link ) to the assets pack

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hi ! i just wanted to say THANKS YOU   this is SOOOOO USEFUL ! thanks you sooo much ( just a question why not adding to the assets pack so when someone buy them they have it directly ?)

i hope this is as good as modern interior :)

maybe this can help if not


what does these tiles are used for ?

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thanks you but it is possible to use the character from the character generator ? so i can have  A LOT of dead character (and will you still update the character after starting the modern exterior assets ?)

does anyone know if there is dead bodies in the assets or not ?

thanks !

what engine you use ?

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someone made a video with your assets  they made 4 games with your assets   and they are VERY GOOD

is there some tile for a hospital ?

thanks ! and take all the time you need

pls make some sprite without her book 

hi ! is it possible for you to make  laboratory assets in the next update please ?

thanks you soooooo much

thx and the price will be the same or not ?  (i am really sorry of asking a lot of question)

just another question do you have a date for the release of the pack ?

thanks  !

thank you so much for making this .  Do you know where i can find some

cities assets that can fit your style ?

is there screamers in the game ?

is there screamers ?


what font you used in this page ?