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wow, this is perfect how can i join the discord server?

really fun


 do you have a solution now ?

it looks really great !

can you do more platformer assets ?

maybe some graveyard assets ? (maybe they are already there but i didint see them)

this is a really good idea  i hope limezu will do it

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i hope you feel good now and good luck for the daily updates

i am not using rpgmaker mv but maybe this will help  ( i hope it will)

its out now

Free Version LICENSE: - You CAN use the asset for non commercial purposes (more info in the LICENSE.txt)

you are using unity ? if yes select your sprite and make sure  the Filter mode is Pointupload_2021-3-3_9-16-9.png

what engine are you using ?

i love your style ! (will  you do more of this ?)

Thanks !

what engine did you use ?

i was struggling to do a good platformer movement this will really help me . Thanks !

why ?


what is sfm ? and i dont want to play your game

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idk if you will "hack" me or something but if this not a joke thanks you soo much (

ok thanks !

sadly i cant buy at this moment i surely will buy one day (what are you gonna do after this  pack ?)

 i really like it (do you want credit for it ?)

why all uppercase and why do you want me to download it ?

but why ?

why are you sending a mediafire link why didint you added  in

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i know doki doki is not a virus but i was talking about what they sent

is this a virus ??

you will need to reinstall it

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ITS BEAUTIFUL THANKS FOR MAKING IT (what will make after this ?)(and why its so cheap ? )

thanks you anyway :(

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thanks pixelart is hard for me and this will make it esaier

btw do you know if it an work with aseprite ?

do you have an idea for when it will be finished  ? 

are you still working on it ?? i cant wait for the exteriors pack !

thanks you

congrates !

can you pls add the tool (or a link ) to the assets pack

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hi ! i just wanted to say THANKS YOU   this is SOOOOO USEFUL ! thanks you sooo much ( just a question why not adding to the assets pack so when someone buy them they have it directly ?)

i hope this is as good as modern interior :)