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I really like this game.

the concept is cool and it kept my attention for way longer than I expected.

by the way there was an issue with the turrets that when you can move again another shot might get to you right before you can respond and move out of the way making some stages really hard.

but overall this is a really fun game

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience playing our game.

Though we didn't encounter and still do not almost any of the bugs you described except the space bug.

And in the second level your solution is wrong it's not a bug.

Thanks for playing anyway.

good game though the camera's really bad and I don't know if this is intentional but there is a lot of noise in darker areas (like the pipe) and shots from a short distance don't register.

this is a very creative game it is really polished but the leaderboard wsa buggy and the game crashed at some point. it's a really good game for a game jam though.

the controls are really good but the walking sound is annoying after a while and the camera is making me dizzy.

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Thank you very much for this feedback, we know about the issue with the instructions and we plan to fix it after the jam ends.

Also we hope you could still have some fun playing the game.

yes we are aware of this problem.

you have a game breaking bug here if you press enter at least in the online version the game creates an instance of itself

Im trying to upload my game and's servers do not work.

I want to participate in a team with my friend is it allowed?

could be a hit!!

the concept is nice nut the jump is very stiff and feels very heavy also there were a few bugs: the bottom half of the screen wouldn't render well (or at all) and scenes would load before they should wait there is more I could collect some coins more then once. but other then these issues the game was great! with some more work it would be really fun! but you aren't there yet.

also I played the browser version if you want to recreate the bugs.

the game was lacking juice but overall great game.

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I'm glad you and your wife enjoyed it.

also my sisters found this bug too but I didn't manage to recreate it myself (and I am the programmer)

the game was hard to understand the controls were confusing


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This is really fun and very cute. 

If you'll do the animations and the characters better it will be amazing.  

Good job. GOOD LUCK!!!

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If we would pop the balloons they wouldn’t be collectibles

Thank you for the the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I would like to play your game. What is it's name?

so you have succeed

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Thank you for submitting this masterpiece. Pure fun! maybe it will be better to make the people look more like people. Music- 10/10. great job, good luck!!!

 where are the credits?

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The game was amazing! The music  is incredible, the art was also great but I think the only thing to make better is the animation of the character outside of the arcade, and maybe the transition to the 80's. Also the controls were confusing and there was a bug that you could fall into the wall. 

But overall the game was super fun and it is the best game I played so far in this jam!

It was hard but in a good way, I couldn't stop play. So THANK YOU!!!

I checked the code there is no reason for this to happen the game spawns the balloons in random places

we didn't use the them

width-1024 px

height- 600 px

couldn.t play the game the viewport is just HUGE!

Thank you for commenting! We really apricate it.

ohh now I understand other then that the game was amazing would recomend

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this is a great game would recomend with some more work and harder levels it could make for a great mobbile game  the best game I played in this jam

The best game here from what I have seen so far! The art is amazing and the concept is awesome too. Although, the movement feels very nice.

I think that the only improvement to make is to make the fights less repetitive.

But it's really great. Good luck!!!

how does the game relate to the restriction?

thank you very much!  The game does not offer any extra challenges because of the limited time, but it's a really good idea.

Hi! I didn't understand the game. Can you plz explane it? because, so far, your game looks realy interesting. good luck!


I think your idea is great!