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Got it, thanks!

I am using the Itch version, although I don't know if I have what you have on the top left corner, all I know is that last week I downloaded the latest version and it worked for a while, then it said I need to update and yet Itch isn't allowing me to update, it just says "Launch", sorry this was so long

I'm assuming everyone else is confronted with a "You're running an older version of the game" when trying to play Online although it shows there are no updates, does anyone know if this happening on places like Steam as well or just Itch?

You mean, how to get a refund for it? I don't believe you can, you can uninstall it by going to your "Library" then left click the app and click "Uninstall", but I believe when downloading Among Us it states that there are no refunds. If not then you might want to contact some staff of some sort?

I don't normally write reviews (this is my first one) but I felt like this game is so awesome that I had to. Normally, games with awesome graphics don't run well on my awful pc, but this ran perfectly! It was scary, but not too scary that it makes you want to stop playing. I love how you can interact with objects and this is by far one of my favorite horror games. Keep it up! :)