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"Badge" still sounds nothing alike with a serious about blond rich people looking for a very cold badge...

I've been looking at the Garakuta set myself. Any other suggestions here?

What might be the default px on Golden Apple so that I don’t get it blurred in RPG Maker?

Silly question to ask before I purchase, but does this also work with battle transitions or will there be plans to do so? Even if we just make common events that cause allow us to use these features we can’t normally replicate I’m curious about.


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How can I modify this so that my characters still take damage at normal and it doesn't negate damage? Intend it to be a flat damage reduction instead of a percentage that completely resists damage.

Working with RPG Maker here! I think it'd be good to know how many dimensions the pixels are so I don't mess the fonts up too much.

These faces are just the style I'm looking for! Hoping you can do a set for general RPG classes at some point.

Seems like an ambitious project. Guess you’ve got much of the base work done at least.

What’s the font you’re using in the descriptions?

I'd like to commission you to do some SV Actors for me if that's possible. Let me know in a message?

I’ll try it out when I’m home. It’s my one road block right now.

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Been trying to use Compass with this RPG Maker MZ plug-in to no success. What might I be doing wrong?

I'm wondering if it's due to the lack of monospacing?

Always excited to see what’s next in this series. I would like to take a closer look at the Sideview Battler sprites if anything. Also has me wonder if you are open to requests now that your resource options have expanded.

I’ll stay tuned as to when you’ll be open to requests… I’ve been looking for something like this!

Pretty convenient way to get a whole bunch of NPCs. If I can make a request though, I do wonder if in the future there will ever be more normal hairstyles. Some of these are a bit over the top and I wouldn't mind paying extra for an expansion should you decide to follow up.

It feels good to know there are some pixel art monsters as an option. Felt a bit hard to find them I suppose.