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Speedwagon Foundation

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This was really cool and well done! It probably could have cleared the screen for each new area/shop, though, it got a little hard to read. I liked all the humorous enemy names.

Well it's sorta like a game. It's not perfect, but we managed to complete a working game so I'm happy enough! It's official title is now Fruitbot Conveyorama, and it's now up if you want to give it a go! Check it out right here - http://speedwagon-foundation.itch.io/fruitbot-conveyorama

This was fun, although we kinda lost momentum. I'd like to try it again, maybe with a bit more of a plan first, but at least now we're more confident with how to make something work.


Hey everybody! I know we haven't updated the devlog in quite a while. Honestly, we've been having some developer's block trying to make the game, and there hasn't been a whole lot to show in updates. Also, the game is going to be quite short, and we don't want to give away any of the puzzles! But rest assured, we're still working on it, and there'll be something to submit by the end of the jam.

For now, have another gif!

Just watching fruit fall down a hole, endlessly... isn't that all of us sometimes?

- B

Corner conveyors were really hard to work out!

Knowing that the robot will one day reach the banana...

It fills you with determination.

- B

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Minor update!

I've totally reworked the system for examining and picking up objects, making it way easier to add more fruits and vegetables (and I suppose other objects) into the game, as well as allowing them to move on conveyors!

Keeping watch over the produce conveyor. (The gif capper must have done something weird, they move at the same speed as the conveyor in-game!)

Calm down buddy, your head's not on fire! It's just a pineapple!

- B

Thanks! The broccoli hat was an accident, but it's sure not about to change.

And Jojo is a favorite of mine. I've already decided not to put a bunch of referential humor in the game, but if I was, you can bet there would be far too many Jojo jokes!

- B

Looks cool so far! I liked FTL and I'm a big fan of procedural generation. Good luck!

- B

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Reversible conveyors!


As a sidenote, since this account is being shared between the two of us making the game, further posts will be signed either by me (B) or my sister (R) depending on who wrote them.

- B

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This is a game about a robot(?) trapped in a supermarket(?). He must solve all of the devious puzzles to make his escape!

The game is in a semi-top-down view in a similar style to the 2d Zelda games. Me and my sister are working on this game together in Construct 2. I have messed with Construct as well as other programs like Game maker and RPG Maker before, but this is our first time trying to really make a game.

Things it will hopefully include:

  • Original music! (probably chiptunes)
  • Puzzles!
  • A plot or story or something?
  • Better graphics
  • More fruit
  • Hedgehogs and/or tortoises
  • More than 2 working sound effects!

Screenshots: (Warning, eye-searing developer art!)

Thrilling adventures!

Thrilling adventures!

Devious block-pushing puzzles!

Devious block-pushing puzzles!



Stay tuned for more!