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awesome game

very nice!

This is excellent and very fun! I am stuck at behemoth JR. though. he is always just short of dying when i run into some purple blocks and he catches up with me. anyone have advice? also, i entered the large room with the four pink bounceballs (in the second-to-last world, the one with green star/pentagram blocks), and a bunch of purple blocks appeared by the exit, then i couldn't leave. is that a bug or am i missing something?

awesome game!! i was sad when the kitty died though. but it was also interesting, an unexpected dark twist haha. great games

very nice!! maybe bacuse i don't play 3d platformers much, but i'm getting lost a little. idk how to get to the other end of the red carpet or collect all the stars in time

this is fantastic. the soundtrack really gives it an underground dark feel. i love it.

interesting game. i can't find the part like on the screenshot where the demon appears though. hmm

yee thank you :D i thought it was intentionally looking like an old GM game like wimbrut racing.

also play my games they real good

haha i thought it being shitty was the point. a bad game from you is better than a good game from many.

where did you r carg game go :(((((((((

yup, i am having the same exact issue

This is one of the best point n clicks I ever played. Your stuff is incredibly good, especially the story, I can see you really thought through a lot of the story and it pays off fantastically. Cheers from Slovakia.

I was playing with my wife on her PC so I have no clue what emulator she was using etc. at the moment.  I will check with her once we re-play the game and let you know, if the bug persists I will write a detailed account of what happens aswell. Thank you for the kind response :)

I was playing this on an amiga emulator (and quite enjoying the atmosphere!), but the entire thing froze when I talked to the red-eyed lady, could not even move the cursor on anything. Anyone have the same issue or know what caused it? I will re-play later and report here if the bug persists.

I like this quite a lot, the atmosphere is so chill I almost got sleepy (in a good way). I enjoyed the game but wish the pickable objects were a bit more obvious (maybe slightly off color) instead of forcing me to mouse over the entire screen. I am not necessarily asking for a highlight button, but something to help would be nice, or maybe a walktrhough. I got completely stumped on getting the hot can and have no clue what to do. I especially like the artstyle, it is very unique, stylistic, sort of iconic, has a character and is great.

Thank you for the kind response, I was a little rude initially, best of luck to you man

Very nice but way more bugs/grammar errors compared to the first one. When I found the boy, I went to the recycle bin with him, which I guess I was supposed to do with the girl, as DOC specifically says "Girl, you need to save us" and such. I also could see the "flag" while in the recycle bin without meditating as its name popped up when I was moving around with the mouse. Still quite neat though, these games have a nice flow to them and have good, simple puzzles.

I have no clue how I am supposed to determine which horses are real. Like, according to this game, alpacas and deer are horses? And horses can be blue? Very confusing

First the controls didn't work, and then I kept getting completely pummeled. I have no idea how these game mechanics work, not a good first impression to the point I don't want to bother figuring it out. Also, the description pitches this as a sort of alternative to fighting games, but it is nothing like one, it is much closer to Punchout or First Cut.

nice game. some good puzzles, i especially appreciate the feature where the text will get yellow if you are close with the letters. though some of the puzzles were i would say too difficult compared to others, i have no idea for example how a horse is connected to rain and fauna, and ones that reference something ultra specific and current-era like QI and spielberg films just utterly murder the flow of this game imo. the musical puzzle especially, i figured out what i was supposed to do but even then it takes the dude like 5 minutes to say it, i thought i was on the wrong track for a while. and i have no clue how in the world i was supposed to figure out the last one, the image illustrates like a dozen things but i am supposed to focus on the nonsense in the middle and realize it is not some random vines or gas from earth or anything like that but this very obscure concept and word noone ever uses ever.  and the last puzzle in itself, like what the hell? ah yes, i remember when frogger consisted of two boulders and a diagonal line. still though, the parts like "time" and "nothing" gave this game a lot of charm and personality and i appreciate it, it was great when i could actually figure out the puzzles on my own.

Absolutely fantastic short point n click. Very charming and enjoyable, especially the style of everything (the cockroaches most of all) adds to it. Loved this!

bruh this description

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Loved this, very entertaining short story, good voice acting (particularly the lady was fantastic, and the villain guy was quite scene-grabbing with his performance).

Good puzzles too, I had to look up the bit with giving the dog the paper, but even that was quite logical :)

What an experience, thank you for making it!!

Love games like this that unique 2.5D look and the crazy story and all! Wish there was a downloadable version!

I get a whole load of errors while trying to start the game about runtime libraries missing: VCRUNTIME140D.dll, MSVCP140D.dll, VCRUNTIME140_1D.dll, ucrtbased.dll

thanks dude, if you had fun, check out the sequel on my website i will be uploading it here soon aswell.

i am not dissing your opinion. if you like it, i am glad. i just really really dislike it.

This was great!! Generally spooky but not too horrifying as to be unplayable. I liked the different mechanics the monsters had, especially those treeheads that step close to you were nice. Good game, wish there was a downloadable version

A very simple but neat game for what it is, I appreciate the positive message :)

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dukope made it, i expected his seal of quality. it is on the front page, i expect front page games to be playable for more than 2 minutes. most of all, i just expected it to be fun. this is not fun at all.


This was quite a neat journey. I really appreciate freeware games like this existing - a story set in space, made in 3D, a unique idea of gameplay, I like all that, but I get a feeling the story is a bit incomplete. Maybe I should have sat in the chair more but I never saw exactly where the sentient Paul thing went (as the game just abruptly ended) and I had a hard time piecing the story together. I never got the actual feeling that I was under any danger as the agency guy was threatening me. You already have this whole space setup and gameplay mechanics perfected, I think the story could be more developed. But I'm not complaining, it was free and I enjoyed my time! Thank you for making it :-)

man half the games on this sites have content warnings for absolutely anything and this one just straight up pops up grotesque images, i respect that. a very unique experience, never seen a game that is basically a playable equivalent of a goregrind album. the fish eye lens effect especially added to the confusion, love it.

it takes away everything that makes papers please good and is not even accurate to how a game & watch works. lame as hell imo. this is like if you played a "demake" of undertale and it was just one shitty bullet hell battle over and over.

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thank you!! just saw the blog

and by all means, keep them silly little games, i think it adds to the charm :)

Pretty cool, though the end was kind of anticlimatic. I barely pressured the murderer and they just spilled the beans, and I still had plenty of time to spare. I think a game where one is constantly running out of time and has to keep re-doing it to get things done faster would be interesting, but this has not quite reached that potential. The voice acting and artstyle are nice though

I don't get the point of this at all

A cool experience. The artstyle and atmosphere are top notch. Really feels like anything could happen, I love games that use claymation + unique way it is edited (this game being black & white). Though the inclusion of memes and zoomer talk kind of takes away from it I think, just makes everything instantly annoying and dated, maybe that was the aim?

I also couldn't solve the fridge puzzle, I am not even sure it is solveable, which again I am guessing was the point?

A cool experience, though the ending was a bit anticlimatic. It would be interesting if the ending bit offered multiple ways to deal with the situation, but I can't complain about such a tightly-woven, short, free game.

The intro made me a bit confused and worried, but once I got into it, this game was absolutely stunning. A beautiful work of art, thank you for making it.