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No no, thank YOU for the experience! I played the demo and was delighted to see more! I don't recall how many exactly I had problems with, but the note by the laptop in the bedroom that starts "I sometimes go to amanda's room" was definitely one. I thought it might've been happening a bit before, but that time for sure. I have it recorded if you need a reference by chance!

I've played a real dumb amount of horror games. Thank you for getting the horror element nailed down! Atmosphere, varied jumpscares, and solid story are top notch. I did notice frequent bugs (or maybe it's intended) that some notes require you to interact with it twice in order to progress the story. I'm incredibly excited to see where this game goes next!

Easily one of the most promising horror games I've played. (I've played...a LOT) I don't think I've ever backed a game on Kickstarter so fast...actually I don't think I've ever backed one before! This game is creative and delightfully sinister! Absolutely cannot wait for it!