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Perhaps just understanding some terms could be useful.
You aren't stupid at all, you just don't know the Specrum, that's all!

"Kempston" and "Sinclair" were two joystick standards used at that time.

My advice is to try again with the "QAOP" option and you should be able to move the princess around.
Q= up
A= down
O= left
P= right

I don't remember if the trigger button is SPACE or M, I must verify that.

As Monster's Legs explained, the Spectrum was an home computer that had huge diffusion not only in UK but also in other european countries. For example, I am Italian and I was (and I still am) a Spectrum user. A proud one!
Enjoy and, if you need any info, don't hesitate to ask. There are literally TONS of excellent Spectrum games available on the web.

If you will understand how big were the machine limitations you will understand why the games are so amazing: coders did their best to avoid the problems or to overcome them to create wonderful stuff. They still do: just take a look on Savage Princess and you'll understand what I mean.

Any emulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (set the RAM at least 48k).

Savage Princess 3? Can't wait to know more about it! <3

I bought the physical version of Savage Princess 2 and I'm thrilled with it. Now I'm very happy to be able to download the digital version for free to play with my Divide (I didn't take any snapshots so far, loading the game from tape). Thanks, it's really a great work! Long live to Princess Ava!

I love this game and I was used to play it on my ZX Spectrum. Recently I've got an MSX  so I bought the game once again to play it on the platform. There is no way to have a .dsk version? Looks like I can't use the .rom format with the devices I have. Thanks for your kind attention.


Looks wonderful! Would you release a tap version too?

I was waiting for this game since long time, and I hoped to see it before part 2 would be ready! Now I can finally try it on my Spectrum! Thanks a lot!

Ciao Alessandro!
Sono proprio quel fumettista là!
Ho fatto la figura del cretino chiedendoti cose che avevi spiegato nell'annuncio, chiedo scusa!

Gioco tostissimo Funky Fungus. Ok, terrò a mente le avvertenze per caricarlo su Spectrum 48k. Finora l'ho giocato a 128, ma spesso mi prende "la turpe voglia" di usare il mio vecchio tasti di gomma!

This is an amazing game. Yesterday I was playing to the 2019 version, I am wondering what the news in this 2023 version.
However, I'm writing in English to let all understand, but I'm Italian just like the author of the game.
Alessandro, non ho mai provato il gioco sul mio 48k. Lo farò appena organizzo un'altra retroserata!

Can't wait to get this game!!!

Any chance to play it with a normal joystick+keyboard (without be forced to play the game with a 2 or 3 buttons joypad?)
Great work, however!
Personally, I play by keyboard (also because I am a Speccy user since the '80s) but some friends that usually come to me to enjoy retrogaming can't do that, and I don't have a 2 or 3 buttons joystick.
Take care and keep up the good work!

I understand!
If you'll add an option to play it with 3 lives I will definitely become a fan of this game.

This happened also with some excellent games for the ZX Spectrum, but to me and others born in the 80s this kind of style is like a cheat mode. =P

But please, consider this just as my feelings and keep up the great work!

Thanks for the update!

I've just tried the game on my real Vic20+Megacart (I'll soon get a Penultimate as well). What to say? It's great, the parallax is superb, sprites, title music, sfx and scroll are awesome, especially considering this is a Vic20. How much I love this little, great machine.
The only criticism I give is the "infinite lives" gamestyle. I can't find any challenge in it. I would love a version with three or four lives, then it would be perfect.
In any case, a must for each Vic20 owner.

OK, OK... I will try... HARDER!

This game is brilliant... but it's too hard for me! I have it since few years, and I never had any success. I will try it again improving my skills, I swear!

I should organize a Rodman tournament here at home, inviting friends to play on the real Vic20! =P

I absolutely love the Vic20 version. It's brilliant, great graphics, very playable and with nice sound! Great job!

Question: there are any differences in the HB35kb_MVTPB0B1B2B3B5.prg version?

Quick, smooth, very funny, colorful and with great sound! A game that reminds me my days playing platforms on the Spectrum. Great job!

My gf and I are playing it right now! Superb work, hope to see more Vic stuff from you!

Amo questo gioco. L'ho già acquistato, ci sono differenze con la versione che ho preso in precedenza?

Yes, it's wonderful! So far I reached Hill 4, the game has lots of details from the arcade version, it's a must to have for the classic old school games fans!

I had this game on my Commodore Vic20, my first home computer, and I love it. I am so happy that I can now play it also on my ZX Spectrum (I got it some years after the VIC)! I played it on the FUSE emulator and I felt the same old school atmosphere, both in graphics, colors, music and sound effects. Now I really want to try it on my true rubber keys Spectrum, and then I'll let you know more!

Hello! I just got Duckstroma but, although it works on emulator, the .tap file doesn't work on my real ZX Spectrum toastrack with DivIDE. The screen just change into "Duckstroma is loading" but it never finish. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you guys! So far, my gf and I are loading your game on my real Speccy using PlayZX. I will download the .tap version asap! You rocks, the game looks great!

I would like to play the game on my real ZX Spectrum 128 or on the Spectrum Next: could you make a .tap version to use it with a DIVIDE or with a NEXT? Or even a .wav (or mp3) to put it on a real tape?
I think many users would be happy to don't play this game on emulators.